How to Root Galaxy Win SCH-I869

Dealing with a rooted Galaxy Win SCH-I869 has its advantages. There’s much to look forward to and today we’ll show you what we mean.

Today you’ll get in touch with SRSRoot. What is that? This tool is an app which can do a lot of great things for your phone. But it can do all of that for other gadgets, too. Your device was launched officially last year. It’s been missing out on many new stuff. The app will take care of that and update it to plenty of new features. This tool will also do your handset good from another perspective; its 1200 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8225Q CPU, for one, will move better and faster.

Once it experiments with the new and free app, your phone’s going to feature admin and superuser permission alike. Not only that; the rooting brings forward custom ROMs. The app is powered by an SRS Server and it delivers root-only apps. The OS used by the handset is Android 4.1.2; another advantage of the SRSRoot’s presence is its support for all of the Android versions. Customization tools and battery tweaks are all brought by the freeware.

The advantages of this procedure

Rooting a gadget isn’t the only action the SRSRoot performs. This app can unroot a device with the same ease. And it does both of these tasks without putting your phone in danger of viruses or bloatware. Using a Build ID for the rooting is a recommended thing. The app we used gave us the possibility to use whatever Build ID we wanted; which was this: JZO54K.I869KEANA2. You can use the same one or opt for a different version.Galaxy-Win-SCH-I869

If you’re getting close to updating the rooted Galaxy Win SCH-I869, you’ll have its root access revoked. The procedure will affect this, too: the system partition. These two are the only important elements to be damaged. The smartphone gets to use the internal and external SD cards. The important data it contains is kept safe, too.

But if you want root access, the Samsung SCH-I869 has to give up on its already installed warranty. Retrieve it by searching for a guide which talks about your handset model.


Since today’s post is a rooting guide, you are now asked to perform these crucial tasks:

  • get to this specific online page and download USB drivers on the notebook;
  • these are to be flashed afterwards on it;
  • take the phone’s battery life into consideration and, if the latter’s running low, charge the smartphone;
  • a regular backup (or as many as you want) should be created;
  • continue by performing a full NANDroid backup;
  • the security programs which currently function on the notebook have to be deactivated;
  • the ones on your handset will also need to be turned off;
  • your phone’s USB Debugging must be enabled;
  • only Windows is acceptable for this rooting guide.

Step by step instructions

After performing each of the guidelines above, time to shine light on our rooting steps.

  1. Dedicate the first step to these actions: open this page and look for a download button. Once it is revealed, you need to click on it and wait till the app’s downloaded on your notebook.
  2. The next thing you have to go through: flash the SRSRoot and open it on the same product. Go to Menu on the phone next; then tap it. After that, find and tap Settings. Under this option is one whose name is the following: Unknown Sources.
  3. Once you’re done with the activation of these options, consider this step: locate and then tap USB Debugging. You should have done this already; if that’s the case, move to our other steps.
  4. Continue by providing a connection between the handset and notebook. To successfully plug them to each other, use the smartphone’s useful USB cable.
  5. A connection will have been attained after a couple of minutes’ waiting. This is where you should start the rooting of your Galaxy Win SCH-I869. With that in mind, tap the option called Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Your smartphone will have to perform the procedure for some 15 minutes. If you’re having problems here (the rooting takes longer), then start repeating the previous steps.
  7. The next step is the last one; here’s what you have to do for its completion: restart the handset. The Samsung SCH-I869 has to enter this mode with your help; so tap Reboot System Now on it. When the device is done rebooting, the novelties described above will be yours to enjoy.

Remember that, if you want an unrooted device, seek help with the SRSRoot. Likewise, if this rooting guide gets confusing, you can always ask us for help in the comment box below.