Update Google Nexus 10 to KRT16S KitKat 4.4 official OTA Firmware

Nexus 10 is going to be one of those tablets on which KitKat 4.4 will make an appearance via KRT16S KitKat firmware. The procedure that shall bring this all about is an update and you will see how to perform one if you stick with us and our tutorial.

An upgrade is the procedure to go to if you want a tablet, specifically your tablet, that is fully equipped with all that the Android 4.4 has to offer. Which is more than enough to help you enjoy your gadget to the max. With the new firmware on-board, you will be able to play with new features, the tablet will look the way you want it to thanks to many tweaks, new apps will also be present, the battery life of your tablet shall allow you to use it longer than in the past and so on. As a rule, your Google Nexus 10 will deliver more in terms of performance, speed, stability and the like.


Before we get to that, you will have to take into account this batch of requirements:

  • turn USB Debugging on;
  • make sure the tablet comes with stock recovery and is not rooted (but, if it is rooted, we will tell you how to update it in this guide, too);
  • charge the battery of your gadget;
  • make backups via our tutorial;
  • install, on your notebook, USB drivers which are compatible with the Nexus 10.google-nexus-10

Instructions for unrooted devices

If you own the Google Nexus 10 that isn’t rooted, you have to begin this guide by following the next couple of steps.

  1. The first one will require you to download on your laptop, give it a different name which should be update.zip and then plug the tablet to your notebook.
  2. Then be sure to do this: move the update.zip from the laptop to the tablet’s SD card root and turn the gadget off. You now have to perform this task: boot the Nexus 10 in Bootloader Mode; a good way to do that would be to press + hold Volume Up + Power at the same time, then stop as soon as you see Fastboot Menu along with “Start”.
  3. Now make sure you wait for some guidelines to settle on the display so that you can follow them. When you’re done, we ask that you do this: press, a couple of times, the key called Volume Up.
  4. When you see “Recovery” on the screen, you need to opt for it by pressing “Power”, then wait for “!” to also be displayed. After you spot that, you should hold Volume Up + Power, then you will see a Recovery Mode.
  5. Next up you will have to opt for “Update from .zip file“. Choose, afterwards, the update .zip file via “Power”; confirm this.
  6. Then wait for the flashing of the update file to be over; when it’s all done, you should see your Nexus 10 boot. After the gadget boots, it will feature the new KRT16S official OTA update; the latter is in the “About Tablet” which you can access from your gadget’s “Settings”.

Instructions for rooted devices

But how can your rooted Nexus 10 be updated to the same firmware? We have just the steps for you. This part, however, also needs you to follow some pre-requisites:

  • flash a custom recovery on your tablet (we recommend the one known as CWM);
  • check once again if the tablet is rooted with a good tutorial;
  • use this tutorial only if the gadget is already using Android 4.4 KRT16O;
  • create backups following the same guide.

Let us now show you the steps that are a must if you want to update your tablet.

  1. Download on your PC or laptop. When this necessary file is part of your device, you should make sure the two devices are connected to one another, then do this: transfer the upgrade file from the laptop and take it over to the tablet’s SD card root.
  2. Now power the tablet off. To make it boot into Bootloader Mode in an easy way: press and simultaneously hold Volume Up + Power and the device’s “Fastboot Menu” and “Start” shall come on-screen.
  3. When the display of your tablet pops some instructions up, you need to follow them; then do the following: press Volume Up. Do that a couple of time and stop when you spot “Recovery“; when the latter is shown, you should do this: choose it by pressing “Power”.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After your Nexus 10 is in the Recovery, you have to opt for “Install zip from SD card” with “Power”, then use the same button to opt for “Choose zip from SD card“. We recommend you to do this next: disable, from the gadget’s “toggle signature verification“, signature verification.
  5. Next item to be ticked off: choose the Android 4.4 KRT16S OTA file and confirm this file’s flashing.
  6. After this operation is terminated, you can select +++Go Back+++. Restart the tablet by going to its Recovery Menu and choosing, from there, the appropriate option.

Both your rooted and not rooted Nexus 10 are now updated!