Update Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 to Official Jelly Bean 4.2.2 XXCMH1 Firmware

A makeover is something that is needed by all sorts of tablets and smartphones. Like Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 3G + WiFi , which will receive an update to XXCMH1 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean official firmware if you stay tuned to our guide!

We will ask you to perform several tasks if your want your tablet to get this update problem-free. For instance: you must use the requirements we will offer shortly, as well as those steps that shall land the update on this gadget.


Pre-requisites are now first to arrive:

  • create backups (you can use this guide, for this task);
  • charge the battery of the tablet;
  • install USB drivers for it on your comp (via this link);
  • use only your Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100 3G + WiFi version;
  • use the model that comes factory unlocked.

The firmware we picked will have the following consequence: it is going to strip your device of its root access. To ensure that your tablet is rooted again, you need to follow a tutorial dedicated to this procedure. Galaxy-Note-8.0-N5100

If you agree with the requirements above, then you can learn how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 to the Android 4.2.2 XXCMH1 official firmware.

How to flash XXCMH1 on Galaxy Note 8.0

  1. We will now proceed to what you must do to make the phone achieve that update firmware. It’s better to begin with these couple of guidelines:
    – download the (file name: N5100XXCMH1_N5100OXACMH1_DBT.zip);
    – download Odin tool 1.85 via this link
    on the notebook and then unzip, on the same laptop or PC, the contents of the first package only.
  2. Enter your phone in Download Mode after the tablet is powered off. The booting needs to be done like this: press and hold, at the same time, Volume Up and Power; once the logo of Android is on the display, you have to press Power. Now launch, on the notebook, the Odin and plug the gadget to the notebook.
  3. The plugging will happen on a successful note only if you see “Added!!” or a yellow-colored ID:COM box. Should you notice that the devices haven’t established a successful connection between them, it’s indicated to retry by either flashing the USB drivers again or by using another USB port.
  4. Since we are done with the above steps, we should give you the next one: you will soon come across some instructions, so follow them accordingly. Here you are:
    – click on PDA;
    – choose a CODE file;
    – tap Phone;
    – opt for a MODEM file;
    – click on CSC;
    – select a CSC file;
    – tap PIT;
    – opt for a file with a .pit extension.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then move forward by reading this guideline: check the boxes marked F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Re-partition. For the latter we advise you to only check it if you chose that .pit file.
  6. You need to stay in Odin and tap START. Then see if the flashing of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean XXCMH1 official firmware commences after you do that; if it does, wait for this phase of our guide to be over and then for the Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 3G & Wi-Fi version to restart and give you its Home Screen; if these two happen, you need to disconnect the tablet from your notebook. “Settings” needs to be accessed afterwards, followed by “About Tablet” if you wish to take a look at the update firmware.