How to Update Galaxy Core I8260 to Android 4.1.2 XXAMK1 firmware

Galaxy Core I8260 is willing to tell a fabulous tale if you let it. The means which will bring this tale to life is this firmware: Android 4.1.2 XXAMK1. And it was created for Greek users of this smartphone. Which is why you shouldn’t pay attention to this tutorial if you are based in a different region of the world.

Today’s guide is all about teaching you how to update your Galaxy Core I8260 to the new Jelly Bean official firmware. If you take this decision to upgrade your handset, we will lend you a hand in the form of some very important upgrade steps.

By following all of them, we guarantee the fact that you’ll experience all of the advantages that the tool comes with. And we have to say that all of them are great; also, they will show you what lies hidden inside your handset.

For one, this firmware shall offer access to custom ROMs you never thought you’d see on your smartphone. Then, you will notice, after you launch your newly updated device, that it has, in its app list, many other apps that weren’t there before; also, new features will be present on your phone.

While using the latter, you will see that its battery can last longer than you were used to when your handset wasn’t yet upgraded. To make things even better, the performance of your Galaxy Core will go through a complete improvement, making it better. And, in case you were wondering, the update firmware we have for you today is not filled with bugs. Add to the list of advantages the following: your phone will encounter both great speeds and stability.


Should you wish to go through with our tutorial, we need to stress out the fact that you should follow some requirements before the beginning of this procedure. They are shown below:

  • launch your I8260 and turn on USB Debugging;
  • don’t let go of the USB cord which ships with the handset;
  • create a simple backup as well as a full NANDroid one, via this tutorial;
  • don’t forget to charge the battery of your phone;
  • also, make sure your PC or laptop runs USB drivers required for your smartphone;
  • afterwards disable the security software installed on the comp or the laptop;
  • use a notebook (or a PC) with Windows on it.Galaxy-Core-I8260


Now for the fun part: the actual update procedure and how to perform it. You must, before we give you the steps, download a couple of files on either your PC or your laptop. So launch the latter and download the and then Odin tool v.3.07 from this page. Then move on to the following steps.

  1. The one that begins all of this needs you to go to where you downloaded and saved the two files. Then use an unzipping tool to extract them one after the other. As soon as you are done, we prompt you to turn the GT-I8260 off.
  2. Now off to this action: boot the smartphone in Download Mode (which, by the way, should be done by simultaneously pressing and holding Volume Down + Power, looking for the usual Android icon to show up and then pressing Power to enter the needed mode.
  3. Once this mode is on-screen, you should do this: connect your two devices between each other; if the plugging goes as it should, you will see, on the display, a yellow ID:COM box and a message that says “Added!!”. But if none of this goes on, then time to apply one of these methods: aim for another USB port or install, once more, the USB drivers.
  4. Now be sure to continue by first clicking on PDA, selecting a CODE-named file, clicking on Phone, aiming for a file with a MODEM name, tapping CSC, opting for a file that has CSC in the name, tapping PIT and choosing a file with a .pit extension.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When the previous tasks are completed, do this: select some boxes with F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Re-partition.
  6. If you are done, you can tap “Start” to witness the beginning of the update file’s installation on your smartphone. This won’t take forever, so wait; once the end of the flashing is in sight, you should prepare to unplug the handset from the laptop as soon as “Pass” pops up and the device restarts.

Your Galaxy Core I8260 is now featuring this official firmware on it: Android 4.1.2 XXAMK1.