How to Root Motorola PHOTON ISW11M

Motorola PHOTON ISW11M is going to face a whole series of additions. They are all aimed at making your phone better in every aspect. And the procedure to help do that is known as rooting. Discover the latter’s benefits below.

You can do so many things with root access. Your 3-year-old handset will feel so very different. And its performance will be vastly superior to what it currently does. SRSRoot is the app behind these changes. This tool comes at your smartphone for free. It doesn’t matter what gadget you own; the app doesn’t mind your phone’s OS version, either. As such, its Android 2.3.4 will stay safe from any potential deletion. Another important spec, the 1 GHz CPU, will not be made weak. On the contrary; this processor will only deliver faster speed from now on.

The benefits of this procedure

Another important thing about the SRSRoot app: using it guarantees new features. It can also bring these on your phone: battery options for longer use. You are also able to experiment with the following: admin / superuser permission and custom ROMs. Access to plenty of options that can personalize the handset is also offered. Apps used only on rooted devices will land on the smartphone, too. These novelties and the ones above get to be enjoyed amidst no security threats. Enjoying the root access is done without the presence of bloatware.Motorola-PHOTON-ISW11M

Also of interest: the SRSRoot also acts as an unrooting instrument. By using it, you will need to decide upon a Build ID. If you feel like it, you can use the one we selected; which is this: 4.5.1A-1_KDI-92_LE-24. But if you don’t want to choose this version, the app is perfectly fine with another one; you can opt for whichever variant you most prefer. Oe last thing: the SRSRoot is powered by an SRS Server.

We suggest performing an upgrade on a rooted device with caution. The device shall be faced with the loss of important elements. The root access is one of them; an update revokes it. The system partition is another damaged good; this element will be deleted. The upgrade cannot affect your phone’s internal and external SD cards. Its most important data won’t get into trouble, either.

The warranty, on the other hand, always gets revoked when a rooting’s involved. Restoring it is something that can be done. Just look for a tutorial dealing with your Motorola ISW11M.


Let’s now start the actual tutorial with a bunch of essential pre-requisites. They are telling you to:

  • several normal backups must be created;
  • launch this link on the notebook;
  • then look for USB drivers which are only available for your smartphone;
  • when you spot them, download the bunch on your notebook;
  • after that, install the lot on the same device;
  • the security programs inside your Motorola PHOTON ISW11M have to be deactivated;
  • also, enable USB Debugging on the phone;
  • the phone’s battery levels will indicate whether or not you need to fully charge the device;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also very important to have;
  • the security programs on your notebook will need a deactivation;
  • Windows should be installed on the notebook.

Step by step instructions

To get your device all rooted and ready to go, we present our steps!

  1. Don’t turn your notebook off. Keep it open; you will have to download and install the SRSRoot on it. This is the address to find the app.
  2. Click on a download button which is incorporated there. After the download and flashing are completed, open the tool on your notebook.
  3. This step asks you to look for Menu and tap it. Settings is the next option you have to tap. Enable, next, this: Unknown Sources. You will quickly locate it because it’s under the previous option you just tapped.
  4. Should USB Debugging not be turned on, enable it as soon as you’re done with the previous step. Then create a connection between these: your notebook and the Motorola PHOTON ISW11M.
  5. The plugging of your devices is to be helped by the phone’s USB cable. Are the products connected as required? If they are, root the smartphone.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting has to be initiated with this action: tap Root Device (All Methods). But make sure you wait, after doing that, for about 15 minutes. This is the amount of time needed for a successful rooting. If the latter takes longer to finish, you will have to do the following: repeat the previous steps.
  7. Your smartphone will now be ready to reboot. Activate the procedure via this task: tap Reboot System Now. Now you’ll have a rooted Motorola ISW11M all to yourself! Celebrate by enjoying its new options, features and other benefits.

To answer any sort of rooting question you may have during / after the rooting, use the comment box below.