How to Root Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is an intriguing device. And it has may fans among gadget lovers. But whenever someone wanted to root this device, no custom ROM was available.

Good news is that such a tool has finally been created and it goes by the name of CF-Root. When we found out about its launch, we immediately thought that a tutorial which would include info on how to root the Camera with its help would be of great help to people.


If interested in such a guide, you won’t be able to use it until you read about the requirements it connects to. They are as follows: and Odin 1.85, use a comp which has Windows featured among its features, see if the battery of the gadget needs to be charged and then, lastly, follow the steps prepared for you at the end of this paragraph.

Another thing: once the warranty of the handset disappears, you can get it back by unrooting the Galaxy Camera. We have a tutorial on the right method to perform that; use it and you’ll get what you

Here is how our guide on the best way to root this device works.

Important instructions

  1. The step that functions as an introduction to it states the following: take the files you downloaded for the requirements; place and then unzip their contents into a dedicated folder, on the laptop’s desktop.
  2. For the second step you should use your laptop’s mouse to initiate the execution of the Odin file, using the default double click method; this action will open it and you can tap on PDA when it does.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three needs the following from you: opt for the CF-Root file and then switch the device off. When this is done with, you have to perform these actions: remove the battery then put it back and then simultaneously keep pressed the buttons for Camera, Volume Down and Power.
  4. The next step, which is the fourth, requires you to wait for the camera to restart into Download mode and, after it does as such, you should take the handset’s USB cable and use it to plug its owner to your laptop. F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot options must be activated when in Odin; if they’re not, tick them yourself.
  5. Step five will tell you to tap on Start; when the file starts its flashing phase, you need to do the following: wait for that to end, then for the device to reboot. At the end of the rebooting process, the Samsung Galaxy Camera will welcome you with shiny new rooted clothes.