Best Free Health and Fitness Apps for Android in 2013

If you’re into exercising to keep your body healthy and you own an Android smartphone on the side, then you should consider using some really good health apps for your handset in 2013. Find our selection below.

Workout Trainer

The first free health app for Android in 2013 that we came across is . It is an excellent helper if you wish to know whether your fitness workout is done as it should or not. And for that you are offered video guides along with pics; for extra efficiency you also need to introduce data concerning how much you measure (both height and weight, mind you) in something called Shakerciser. There’s even the possibility to listen to your favorite songs while using the Workout Trainer if you feel more comfortable.Workout-Trainer

Calorie Counter

Second health app on our list today is known as . We like how it offers users a bar-code scanner that can be used when you’re in a supermarket, for instance, and want to know which food is healthy and which isn’t. This tool also helps you record your daily meals and find out about more than one million healthy recipes that could either help with your health or ruin it. Calorie Counter is a great instrument for keeping in touch with pals who also lead a healthy life and for finding out more about various work-out routines which can help you keep in shape.

MapMyRun GPS Running

Let’s now see another health app you can download on your Android smartphone. You’ll find this one under the name of . The great thing about it is that it keeps track of the speed and distance you accumulate while running. So that at the end of the day you can analyze this data and know if you need to improve your speed and so on the next time you run.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

is a free tool which can calculate the number of calories you consume daily. It also lets you know the number of calories you managed to burn in the same amount of time as we mentioned earlier.


Fooducate is another great health app for this year. Thanks to it you have a way to know if what you are eating contains too much fat, too much sugar and so on. A bar-code scanner comes with this tool for this exact purpose; however, it is created for US inhabitants only, so from this point of view owning this app might be a disadvantage if you’re living on a different continent. The has a very large database; that’s because it consists of more than 200,000 foods which are either the healthiest out there or the ones to avoid when you go shopping. This particular app has the advantage of having been made by dietitians. Not that the others on our list should be avoided. They are equally great, even if no dietitian contributed to them. So don’t worry if you set your sight on a different health tool than this one.

Lose it!

Next health app on our list is . This is an instrument which comes with the possibility of creating an activity log where you can write about the foods you ate and the physical exercises you did in a day. And there is a database, too, which was created so that it could contain all sorts of foods, both good and bad. Once you’ve entered the kind of data described earlier, you can keep a record of it (private or shared).Lose-it

Nike Training Club

is like your very own trainer who can come with you anywhere and at any time you want. This kind of health app is able, like the Workout Trainer tool, to deliver both videos and photos of the correct way to perform your work-out sessions; it should be mentioned here that the clips come with voice-over. They are both fun and easy to use by all those interested in keeping fit and healthy.
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Instant Heart Rate

is very accurate and especially easy to make use of every day. And you won’t have to buy external hardware for it to work. What this tool basically does is the following: it turns your Android handset into a monitor which measures your heart rate while exercising. The Instant Heart Rate is going to let you know, right away, if your work-out routine is efficient or not; and what you should do to make it better.


The last health and fitness apps for your Android phone for this year are called and . These apps comes with a personalized program for your activities; the role of the latter is to see whether or not your physical exercises are paying off. The both programs offer GPS support, which is a great advantage to have.

So that was our list of free health and fitness apps for Android in 2013. Did you find something you want to use from now on? Then go to Google Play and download it today.

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