How to Root Motorola DEXT MB220

Motorola DEXT MB220 isn’t one of the devices which can’t be rooted. With today’s app, there’s no gadget that cannot have root access. Do you want to try our procedure out? It’ll deliver many different ways to improve your phone!

There is so much you can do with a rooted device than without one. Especially if we’re talking about a phone that came out 5 years ago. This model in particular will benefit a lot from SRSRoot. The change will be mostly welcome when the 528 MHz ARM 11 on it will perform faster. After its processor will perform in a much improved manner, your phone will also enjoy new features. The SRSRoot is freeware. Its presence is a sure sign of being able to customize your smartphone any way you want. The app next throws these in the mix: admin and superuser permission plus root-only applications.

The benefits of this procedure

The battery under your handset’s hood will enjoy tweaks; they will make it last so much more. Your smartphone has access to other benefits; like custom ROMs. These as well as the other novelties arrive in a way that won’t damage your phone. There are also no security threats to report. Bloatware is missing, too. An Android 1.5 Cupcake is the version your phone’s sporting. The SRS Server-operated rooting tool works on all of the products roaming on the market; and it is compatible with all of their OS versions.Motorola-DEXT-MB220

Your phone has to achieve root access via a Build ID. Don’t know which version works best? We have one for you: CUPCAKE.091023. If you aren’t a newbie, then you can choose a different Build ID thanks to the SRSRoot. This app’s also compatible as an unrooting instrument!

What’s in store for your Motorola DEXT after it gets rooted? You can, for instance, update it. But this means damage. The most importantly affected are your device’s system partition and root access. The first is going to go through deletion. The root access shall be revoked. The important data doesn’t get erased from the smartphone. Neither are the internal and external SD cards.

You don’t have the choice of keeping the warranty once root access is achieved. You can, though, restore it. A guide that’s ideal for your Motorola DEXT MB220 must be used. That is the way to have the warranty returned to it.


Something important is required of you now. Without performing the next few pre-requisites, your phone won’t be rooted. As such:

  • open this page on your laptop’s browser;
  • find USB drivers appropriate for your handset;
  • download and flash them on it;
  • go to the phone’s USB Debugging;
  • turn it on;
  • Windows has to be the only OS running on the laptop;
  • to protect the handset’s data, create one or several standard backups;
  • likewise, make sure a full NANDroid backup’s also created;
  • the Motorola DEXT MB220 will need to operate with a fully charged battery;
  • those security programs added on your phone should be deactivated;
  • then disable, on your laptop, the security programs installed there by default (or by you).

Step by step instructions

Looking forward to the root access? You have the chance to get there after you’re done performing some steps.

  1. The one that begins our guide requires a simple operation. All you have to do is download, on the laptop, this: the SRSRoot app. The link with its whereabouts is this one.
  2. Once the required site is launched on the laptop, click on its download button. The app has to be installed there, too.
  3. Also, you have to launch it on your laptop and enable, next, this option: Unknown Sources. Its location: under the option called Settings. Remember the USB Debugging option? If, for whatever reason, you didn’t tap it, now’s the opportunity to do that.
  4. Your smartphone’s USB cord will be a great way to connect the handset to your laptop. Once the products have established a much-needed plugging, you have to root the handset.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Tap Root Device (All Methods) to begin the process. For the next 10-15 minutes, you will need to wait till the end of this procedure. Should the rooting not end as planned, then redo the steps.
  6. When your Motorola MB220 is finally done with the process, you can do this: tap Reboot System Now. As soon as the device is brought, once more, to life, its root access will be final. That way, you will be able to finally rejoice in all of the promised novelties.

If, by any chance, the rooting doesn’t do it for you, revoke its root access. This is done with the same app which rooted the phone.

Getting a gadget rooted may end in failure or other problems. That is why we have, under this guide, a comment section. Direct your questions there!