Root Galaxy Y Pro (B5510) and Pro Duos (B5512)

This post deals with not one, but two smartphones this time around. For a change, we propose our readers a tutorial on how to root these two handsets offered by Samsung: Galaxy Y Pro (B5510) and Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512).

Even if these devices are different from one another, the way of rooting them is similar. And both of them is going to need the same requirements to be fulfilled first and foremost.

For the first pre-requisite we recommend the installation of the . Second requirements this time: download and make a backup.

Which leaves us with the actual guide on how to root the Galaxy Y Pro (B5510) and Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512), which is basically the same process.galaxy-y-pro-duos

Important instructions

  1. Step number one gets us in the groove with the following instruction: activate the USB Debugging by clicking on Settings, then choosing Applications, after that selecting USB Debugging and in the end choosing the button situated close to this option. Then plug one of the phones to your laptop (after performing the following steps, connect the other handset and do the same once we finish this guide).
  2. Step number two requires the following task: get access to the USB Storage mode.
  3. The third step says as follows: copy archive to the first directory from the phone’s microSD card the second you see the phone asking how to perform the connection. At this point it’s best to move the archive using the USB storage option.
  4. Next: unplug the smartphone from the comp.
  5. Step number five has you doing as follows: switch the handset off and get in Recovery Mode by the old-fashioned way: keep pressed at the same time for about 5 seconds the buttons for Volume Up, Home and Power.
  6. For step number six you need to keep pressed the buttons and wait until the Recovery mode appears on the screen. Go to Recovery Menu then and opt for Apply update from SD card.
  7. Step number seven tells you this: locate archive.
  8. Step number eight will want you to choose this option by tapping on Home and then looking whether or not Install from SD complete comes on-screen. When it does: choose Reboot system now.
  9. Now you should get an . You will find it in Google Play. Or try and see if is installed on your handset. If it is, then the rooting went as desired and there’s nothing else left to do other than experience a rooted device.

When you’re done with all of the above, repeat the same steps for the other smartphone like we mentioned. If you decide to unroot the B5510 or B5512, you can follow this guide.