Root Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 running on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXAMG4 Firmware

Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 whose operating system is Google’s Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean deserves a rooting procedure, too. Which is what you will learn how to perform from this guide.

First, check and see if you’ve got the Android 4.1.2 JB via XXAMG4 firmware. If you have, awesome. In case not, you will not get to root your smartphone with this tutorial, because that is the firmware your phone must feature.


After checking this thing out, what’s left of these introductory paragraphs is to follow the next few requirements:

  • use the phone that is carrier + factory unlocked;
  • create backups;
  • download a custom recovery image on your handset (you can use (file name recovery-clockwork- or (file name: openrecovery-twrp-;
  • download Odin tool v3.07 on your laptop;
  • install (or comp) you use (file name:;
  • flash USB drivers for the phone on your notebook;
  • charge the battery of the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190;
  • turn on the usual USB Debugging option on your phone.Galaxy-S3-Mini-I8190

How to install a recovery image

Discover the steps you must follow so that either TWRP or CWM is flashed on your smartphone.

  1. You need to start by unzipping the Odin v3.07 on your PC or laptop, transferring the SuperSU from the notebook to the handset’s SD card root and then powering the phone off.
  2. Now enter your smartphone into “Download Mode“. To experience a smooth booting into this particular mode, you should do this: press and simultaneously hold Volume Down + Power then, when you see the Android logo + a message of warning, press Volume Up. Then run the Odin as Admin.
  3. Now make sure the phone is plugged to your laptop so that you can move on with the guide. The connection between your 2 devices will become possible as soon as “Added!!” and an ID:COM box is painted yellow.
  4. Should this not happen, you are left with one of the following solutions: use a different USB port or install the USB drivers again.
  5. Then stay where you are so that you can do this: tap “PDA“, choose the custom recovery file and then check F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot; should Repartition be chosen by default, deselect it, then begin the flashing of the recovery file by clicking on “START”.
  6. At the end of the flashing, the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 is going to reboot; the touchscreen of your handset will then show “Pass“, signifying the following: disconnect the phone from your notebook.

How to root your phone

  1. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now on to the steps that will root your phone. Begin by rebooting your phone into the Recovery; do so by doing as follows: press + hold Volume Up + Power at the same time.
  2. After the device is in the necessary mode, you have to opt for the next couple of options: “Install zip from SD card” and “Choose zip from SD card“.
  3. Flash the SuperSU file by first confirming the process via “Yes“. Then wait for the file to be on your smartphone. Go back to its Recovery Menu afterwards.
  4. Choose the phone’s rebooting option, which is called “Restart your system” and your phone will reach a rooted state on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXAMG4 firmware. Which should be verified with an app called Root Checker.

You are now really close to installing custom ROMs, personalizing your phone however you want, installing root-only apps and so on.

  • christos

    is it necessary to install a recovery image to root my s3 mini???

    • Catalin Nichita

      Yes, you have the download links in the article, on the requirements area.

      • christos


  • weidm7

    SuperSU is a .zip file with just an .apk in it, how am I supposed to install this on my computer?

    What the hell does ‘flash USB drivers for the phone on your notebook’ mean?