How to Root Samsung Galaxy Express SGH-I437

Galaxy Express SGH-I437 has a wide variety of goodies to choose from once root access lands on it. What better method to use for rooting your phone than SRSRoot? We’ll show you via our post today how to get root access for your device using a couple of very easy steps!

This application has already been used on various brands with great results. Which is what will also happen to your Samsung SGH-I437.

Launched about 2 years ago, this handset sports Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and a dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU among its important specs. If you were to root this phone, its Android version will not be damaged. Also, its processor is going to feature faster speeds.

The benefits of this method

As a result of having the SRSRoot software on your smartphone, its battery levels will be much higher; in other words: your phone will have superior better life. To root your device you can use whatever Build ID you prefer. As for us, we used this one: JZO54K.I437UCDMG3.

To provide root access for the phone, this software will wipe away its warranty. Unfortunately, performing an upgrade on a rooted device means some cons in the long run. Damage is going to be done to both its system partition and root access. Important data, internal / external SD cards and other such important stuff will stay safe.Galaxy-Express-SGH-I437

If root access is established on your device, it will be easier to personalize it. The SRSRoot app is going to deliver superuser and admin permission. This tool, powered by an SRS Server, brings root-only apps and custom ROMs. New features are also something to look forward to.

There’s full support for different brands, too. You will also get help from this app if you want an unrooting method.


There are now some pre-requisites we must tell you about. Perform them first, then our rooting steps. Here are these requirements:

  • backups are needed for your device’s important content, so perform them;
  • create a full NANDroid backup with the help of these instructions next;
  • the notebook you’re currently using must be running Windows;
  • the security software running on the notebook have to be deactivated till you’re done with the rooting;
  • check and see if the Galaxy Express SGH-I437 is in need for a full charge for its battery;
  • if it is, you should have it fully charged;
  • download, on your notebook, USB drivers for your smartphone;
  • have the notebook’s security software turned off, too;
  • turn on the handset’s USB Debugging.

Step by step instructions

  1. Having applied all of the preparatory actions above, consider this first step: download, on your laptop, the SRSRoot app.
  2. You should only get this tool from this page. There you will come across a download button that has to be clicked on.
  3. After you click it, the download will start. Wait until it stops, then do this: install the app, open it on the laptop and tap Unknown Sources. The latter is an option you’ll find if you open Menu, then Settings. The Unknown Sources will be under the Settings option.
  4. In case USB Debugging hasn’t been turned on, go to it now and enable it. The phone and laptop should now be connected to one another. To allow the plugging to happen, use your handset’s USB cord.
  5. Redo the steps should you not see anything happening. But, if the devices are finally plugged to each other, make sure you begin the rooting by turning on an option. This option’s name is Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting is about to start in a matter of seconds. It’s best if you wait till the procedure ends. Which is going to happen after some 15 minutes tops.
  7. If you see that nothing’s happened after the time is up, redo the steps. The Samsung SGH-I437 must be rebooted after the process is done. There’s a Reboot System option to select for this part.

You should give the rebooting phase some time to finish. Then have a go at the rooted phone and what you can do with it now. Neither of the goodies may interest you. If that’s the case, unroot the handset with the same dedicated app.

If today’s rooting ends up with problems, you can solve them by dropping questions in our comment section below!

  • Rishabh Medhekar

    my samsung sgh i437 is totally frozen after installing firmware … odin it shows pass! but my phone scree is still showing “downloading……” wat to do dont know ……
    plz help…..