How to Root Galaxy S2 LTE GT-I9210

Galaxy S2 LTE GT-I9210 has all the qualities to impress its owners. But if you don’t root it, you’ll never discover all the other (and many) things it can do. How about we tell you how this works?

If you’ve always dreamed of a rooted Galaxy S2 LTE I9210, you are finally getting your chance to do it. This smartphone was announced 3 years ago with specs such as dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion, Android 4.1.2 and so on. The Build ID we decided to use is JZO54K.I9210XXUAMF1. Other IDs work equally well with your phone; that’s one of the advantages of the rooting method we’re using. The firmware which is compatible with your device is this: XXUAMF1.

The improvements

The tool that we’re about to use for this procedure is called SRSRoot. Unlike other rooting methods out there, this tool is also appropriate when you choose to unroot your smartphone. This software is powered by SRS Server and it doesn’t mind the brand you’re using. Also, it doesn’t mind the Android version your device is sporting. With it, you are offered superuser and admin permissions. The installation is free of charge!

If your Samsung GT-I9210 is done with the rooting and you want an update to a different Android OS, you’ll lose root access. A second damage will be done to the system partition; the latter will end up deleted. But there’s also good news: with a rooted smartphone you have access to many options. One of them: the possibility to personalize the handset. If you’re having problems with the battery, the rooting will make sure it lasts many more hours.

As soon as your phone has root access, you will be allowed to install many new things on it. Like these: root-only apps and custom ROMs. Features your phone has never had before will also be brought to the device. But at the same time, the warranty will be deleted; however, you can retrieve it. Also, make sure you’re owning the correct smartphone or else you’ll have a bricked gadget on your hands.Galaxy-S2-I9210-LTE


The rooting has to start soon. The procedure is in need of some pre-requisites before it begins:

  • the data you keep stored on your Galaxy S2 LTE I9210 has to be saved via backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also needed, so generate one;
  • the battery which arrives with your handset must always be fully charged for a rooting;
  • install USB drivers for the phone on your laptop by going to this address;
  • deactivate the notebook’s security programs;
  • turn off the security programs which arrive with your smartphone;
  • USB Debugging must be enabled on the handset;
  • the laptop you use must be flashed with Windows for this procedure.

Step by step instructions

You should make sure to start the rooting with a trip to this site. There is a button you need to tap.

  1. As soon as this action is performed, the SRSRoot will be downloaded on your laptop. Don’t get this software from a different site; if you do, you’ll end up with security threats.
  2. The tool that was downloaded on the notebook has to be installed on it, then opened. Go to the phone, access its Menu, then choose Settings. After that tap Unknown Sources.
  3. When you’re already done, USB Debugging has to be activated (but if it’s already activated, you can move on).
  4. The laptop and your smartphone must be connected to each other for this step. If you don’t know how this works, you should use the phone’s USB cable.
  5. The connection will happen after a few minutes have passed. As soon as they have, consider the following step: tap Click on Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]From now on for the next couple of minutes, the rooting of your Galaxy S2 LTE GT-I9210 will go on. Which is why we need you to be patient until everything’s completed.

The procure once over, you’ll find it very easy to launch the new software. The latter will then be ready to be tested out. Make sure you enjoy every single one of the goodies we discussed earlier. If there’s something that you don’t like about the SRSRoot tool, you can unroot it on the spot.

Then, if you happen to have questions about anything, please leave them in our comment section.