Root Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552 running on XXAMK1 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware

In case you’ve used our previous tutorial called “How to flash XXAMK1 firmware on Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552”, you are eligible for this guide. So only use the above-mentioned smartphone if you want to find out how to root it.

Why is a rooting procedure so great, you ask? Well, for one it makes your handset perform vastly better, it gives you the great opportunity to use various root-only apps, there are many new features to deal with and the looks as well as feel of your handset as a whole will be very easy to personalize. But while your device gets rooted and enjoys all of this, your warranty will have to suffer, meaning it will become void. The warranty can, however, be reclaimed by you rooting your Grand Quattro again.


Next up are these pre-requisites:

  • fully charge your phone;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • the smartphone must have its factory unlocked;
  • we advise you to use a carrier unlocked Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552;
  • you should make sure that your laptop has the right USB drivers installed on it (these drivers must be compatible with your handset);
  • you must also make a backup of your phone’s content so that you won’t lose any of it at the end of this guide.Galaxy-Grand-Quattro-I8552


The steps of today’s upgrade tutorial are now finally upon us.

  1. You should, for starters, download some files on your Grand Quattro: (file name: and (file name: CWM-delos3geur-Test-2.tar). Then download Odin tool from here on your laptop. Here is how you should flash the CWM on your phone: begin by unzipping the Odin .zip files and then copy the SuperSU .zip file to the handset’s SD card root.
  2. Next, be sure to power your smartphone off. This way, you will then be able to enter the Win I8552 into Download Mode, an operation that has to follow these instructions: press and hold, together, Volume Down + Home + Power and, once you chance upon Android’s logo together with a warning triangle, you should press solely Volume Up.
  3. The Odin will have to be launched on your notebook as Admin. After you run it like that, you also need to plug the phone to your notebook.
  4. The only way you will get a successful plugging is if you see a message that reads “Added!!” and an ID:COM box in yellow. If you don’t experience these signs, you have to flash those USB drivers a second time; or you can use a different USB port.
  5. When the connection is actually established, then make sure you tap and choose a particular button and file. The button is “PDA” and the file you have to opt for is the CWM Recovery .tar file. What comes afterwards: Repartition and Auto Reboot are two boxes which shouldn’t be checked.
  6. Now you can tap “Start” and wait for the flashing to proceed. If the installation is over, you should do this: unplug your devices from one another and power your handset off by hand; if you son’t know how to do that: remove its battery and then insert it inside.
  7. Now for the steps that will root your smartphone with the help of the CWM via the installation of the SuperSU. Start with this one: after you’ve entered your handset into the ClockworkMod, you need to choose “Install zip from SD card“.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next, you have to opt for “Choose zip from SD card“, go to where the SuperSU 1.69 .zip file is and do this: confirm the latter’s flashing.
  9. After the file is flashed, do as follows: go back to the Recovery Menu. Then opt for “Reboot System Now” and wait for the phone to restart. The Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552 running on XXAMK1 firmware is now in a rooted state. If you don’t believe us, use Root Checker, an app that you can get from Google Play.

After you are absolutely sure that your phone is rooted, enjoy all the pros that only a rooted device can offer!