How to Root Galaxy Gem SCH-I100

Galaxy Gem SCH-I100 will completely miss out on many novelties if you don’t root it. That’s why we recommend this tutorial; it’s aimed at those of you who want root access on their device. Enjoy!

Two of your phone’s most important specs are these: Android 2.1 Eclair and a 800 MHz processor. While the former is compatible with our rooting tool, the latter will move faster thanks to it. The name of the rooting method to do all of this (and more) is SRSRoot. Like we said, this app works with many of the Android variants released by Google so far. Besides transforming the CPU’s usual speed into a superior one, this tool does many other things for free.

Launched in 2011, the handset requires the assistance of a Build ID. You can select your own version, the freeware allows you this liberty. If you aren’t familiar with many such instruments, we have one for you: ECLAIR.DL30. Next up, you will gain access to new features and customization options. More than that, the SRSRoot is going to present you with superuser and admin permission. Joining them are root-only apps and battery options.Galaxy-Gem-SCH-I100

The benefits of this procedure

Bloatware is not a common sight with the freeware that’ll root your handset. The latter will never be targeted by viruses, either. To unroot the smartphone, check with the same SRSRoot. Compatible with all sorts of gadgets, this particular application is powered by an SRS Server.

Now that you know what’s in it for you and your device in terms of new stuff, we’ll unveil the disadvantages. Which disadvantages will only damage your phone should you upgrade it. Here’s what will happen: the root access will be revoked; after going through this, the phone’s system partition will be taken away as well. These will not be damaged by the update: internal / external SD cards and important data.

You will also have to do away with the smartphone’s warranty. Lucky for your device, this is something that can be fixed. Get its warranty back with the aid of a guide specializing on this sort of procedure; and make sure the tutorial is the perfect fit for your Samsung Galaxy Gem SCH-I100.


Below you’ll gain access to the steps necessary for a rooting:

  • provide USB drivers for your laptop (download the ones compatible with the phone from here);
  • once they’re downloaded, they must be installed on it as well;
  • take the smartphone and perform a battery recharge if the device is low on battery life;
  • as a way to protect the handset’s data from harm, create a series of backups (or only one);
  • create, afterwards, a full NANDroid backup;
  • the laptop’s security programs should be disabled for the rooting;
  • the security programs used by the smartphone should be disabled, too;
  • enable USB Debugging on the Galaxy Gem SCH-I100;
  • the laptop’s version of an operating system must be Windows.

Step by step instructions

Off with the rooting steps, then!

  1. The SRSRoot app has to be downloaded on the laptop used for this guide. Locate the file quickly by clicking on this link. When the page is open in your browser, search for a download button.
  2. When it appears before you, click on it; the download of the app can now begin. Allow this procedure a couple of minutes, then flash the app on your laptop.
  3. After you also open it there, find Settings and activate the option under it; its name is Unknown Sources.
  4. USB Debugging is going to need an activation, too. Only enable it if you failed to do so for our instructions above. The plugging of your Samsung SCH-I100 to your laptop should be your next concern. To connect the two, use your smartphone’s USB cable.
  5. This is the next step: once the connection’s been established, start the phone’s rooting. Make this happen by enabling the appropriate option; in this case, Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting shall now do its own thing; this is going to take less than 15 minutes. If, on the contrary, the process is lengthier (over 15 minutes), you’ll find that redoing the steps helps.
  7. After getting out of trouble, you’ll have to restart your handset. Look for Reboot System Now to actually help the phone get back to life. After that’s done, the Galaxy Gem SCH-I100 can show you what this dedicated app has brought for it.

The rooting may result in disappointment; or you liked your phone better before. If either of these situations appears, let the SRSRoot revoke the root access for you.

Under this guide is a comment section; don’t be afraid to use it in case problems have appeared (or will appear after the handset’s rooted).