Root Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 on XXMA1 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Official Firmware

Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 has struck a chord with us from the very first moment we came across it. But many owners of this smartphone don’t know how to root the version sporting Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, so here is our take on this procedure.

XXMA1 is the official firmware which is going to make the process possible. And our tutorial easy to perform. After your handset is fully rooted, your chances of owning a kick-ass device will be very high if you follow our guide. To experience a great rooting of your handset, you will first have to comply with a set of requirements that are a must in every tutorial.


Here is how they sound like: be sure you have a custom recovery image on your smartphone, charge its battery, allocate and then organize Superuser privileges for the Ace Duos GT-S6802, flash USB drivers on your laptop (check to see if they are the ones appropriate for your handset), turn on USB Debugging, make backups via this tutorial and use the model which is factory and bootloader unlocked. Only use, for our guide, the Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 that has the Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XXMA1 Official Firmware.Galaxy-Ace-Duos-S6802

You will have to grant permission that will later be used for NFC, Internet, external storage and Boot completed.


  1. Here is how the guide on how to root your phone should start. Before anything else, download the following on your notebook: . Then make sure the smartphone and your laptop are plugged to each other with the USB cord of the Ace Duos S6802, then transfer the zip file from where it is now to the phone’s SD card root instead.
  2. Now you should do as follows: boot the handset into Recovery Mode; prepare for that by first switching the device off and after that unplugging it from the laptop.
  3. To make the Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 enter that mode, you need to turn it on while at the same time pressing and simultaneously holding Volume Up, Home and Power; the moment you see “!”, you will be requested to hold Volume Up and Power.
  4. Once the smartphone is in the necessary Recovery Mode, you will be prompted to stay in the Recovery Screen and afterwards opt for Install zip from SD card.
  5. As soon as you’re done with those tasks above, you should opt for this: Choose zip from SD card, then go to the Update.Zip file; choose it via Power, then have this selection confirmed on a screen that will appear soon after that.
  6. Wait for the smartphone to have this zip file and then go to +++++Go Back+++++.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Choose the system restarting option and the handset is going to reboot automatically in the next few seconds. Then the device shall boot into the firmware needed for its rooting; this phase should not take more than 4-5 minutes to fully complete.
  8. After you wait for that period of time, your Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802 will sport a rooted nature which will bring many benefits to the whole user experience. Like the possibility to see what a custom ROM can do; or a root-only app for that matter.

You should also get to use an app called Superuser. Which should be in your phone’s App Drawer, so pay that place a visit and check the app out.