RevOne S-OFF available for HTC One and Droid DNA

Users of HTC One and Droid DNA have recently found that REVONE S-OFF has been made available for their devices. The tool can be downloaded at once if you want it on your phone. However, you should know that the REVONE S-OFF is a preview version. That means the following: the tool may come with bugs and whatnot.

The RevOne S-OFF is going to be supported by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile as well as WWE & EU RUU carriers. So, if HTC One model is offered by one of these carriers, you can get the tool whenever you feel like. The Droid DNA with 2.06 and 2.04 is going to work with the tool like a breeze.

This new instrument for your smartphone is the creation of a team of people known as Revolutionary dev. Your Droid DNA or your One is required to sport adb and it doesn’t matter what OS version it ships with. If your device does not have adb, fear not: the only thing to do is to find and download Android SDK on your handset.HTC-One

When you first use the RevOne S-OFF, you will see that it has many great instructions which are meant to make it very easy to employ. So, if you run into trouble at some point, you can look at the guidelines you are offered and quickly solve the issue.

Should you have decided on using this instrument on your smartphone, the RevOne S-OFF is going to annoy you with some of its faults. Those who have tested it said that it froze and crashed a couple of times. But, other than that, the tool was great to use. And it did not make either the Droid DNA or the One to get seriously damaged. This has probably to do with the fact that it is a command line tool.


All in all, the RevOne S-OFF is a nifty tool to have. In case you download it and see that you don’t actually like it, you can uninstall it. While it has its uses, the instrument is not something that appeals to everyone out there. We recommend you the following: after you install the REVONE S-OFF on your smartphone, you should go to the always useful XDA Developers forum and see what this tool is all about.

Then, if you don’t have serious trouble with it, you can use it without worries; if, however, you should experience problems, you can always check the solutions developers offer .