HTC One leaked with Android 4.2.2 and a bunch of cool new features

Welcome to a new batch of leaks, this time with HTC One in their midst. As far as Android Revolution HD claim, this smartphone will feature an updated Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 5.0 as its user interface.

The sort of UI that the phone seems to land with will probably annoy people who were expecting Sense 5.1 instead. The site does not add a release date for this update, though.

Instead, we get to see what the fuss possibly is about. Here are the supposedly new features to expect with this phone: Daydream, the possibility to get rid of icons by simply going to the dock, improved quick settings, the option of long-pressing Home, modifications done to the App drawer, the possibility to bring up the Menu and a new design for the battery icon.Sense-5.0-htc-one

The fact that you will possibly be able to use the extended quick settings to access the phone’s settings easier doubled with the option of bringing up the Menu and the inclusion of the percentage battery icon are some of the best improvements one could think of. Because the user experience will be more pleasant overall.


The HTC One model has fared well with people who have already tested it. They all think highly of its great external design, generous 4.7-inch touchscreen and general speed at dealing with various tasks at the same time. Now that there is the possibility of seeing the smartphone with an updated operating system, everyone will no doubt think better of the device’s overall performance. Which was lacking because of the previous OS version and user interface. Which, as we already discussed, will not be the 5.1 version as rumored.

For now we are left waiting for the update to officially drop on us. If the HTC One were to receive the upcoming Android 4.3, everyone would be even happier. But until that happens, let’s anticipate a successful update to Android 4.2.2, hopefully as soon as possible.