Guide: Flash SmoothROM for the Google Nexus 7

The interface that comes with the Google Nexus 7 tablet is really attractive and easy to use. But even so, many users, and developers included, wanted to see an interface with a lot more attributes. So one of the members on the XDA Developers forum created SmoothROM to be flashed on this gadget.


This is a custom ROM that uses something called AROMA Installer. In other words, you can customize the installation process with what you want. The operating system this ROM is based on the JZO54K build, which is a customized version of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You will need to make a backup, check to see if the tablet comes with the ClockworkMod Recovery option and access to the bootloader. Then download the .

There are two methods you can use to flash this custom ROM. Either using the JROMFlasher or the usual ClockworkMod Recovery method.Nexus-7

The first method

If you want to use the first method, here are the steps.

  1. You must be sure that you’ve copied the file to the internal memory card of the tablet, then turn the Nexus 7 off.
  2. Connect the latter to your laptop or PC using a USB cable then, with the help of the button for Volume Down, simply selecting the Recovery Mode option. After you highlighted it, choose this option via the key named Power. This will bring the Android icon on the screen.
  3. For the following step you need to select the Power key. Next you have to tap on the button labeled Volume Up; this will make possible the Recovery Mode access.
  4. Next you have to go to Backup and Restore. And, when you’re there, choose Backup, then Factory reset/Wipe data. The latter action has to be confirmed. Opt for Wipe cache partition next; confirm this action, too.
  5. Then return to the main menu, choose Advanced, then select Wipe Dalvik cache; the latter selection must also be confirmed.
  6. The next step you have to fulfill: go back to the main menu again; once there, choose the installation of the archive from SD card.
  7. Another step you need to follow through once you are done with the previous one: opt for Choose ZIP from SD card.
  8. Next, choose the SmoothROM ZIP file and confirm it.
  9. One last step and you’re done: return to the main menu and choose the restarting of the device.

The second method

The steps for the second method are also very easy to follow. You’ll find them below.

  1. [sc name=”banner-jos”]First step: be sure that you have the JROMFlasher file ready to use, which is a toolkit able to allow the access of the SmoothROM file at the internal memory card of the gadget. The toolkit is able to wipe the data and to flash the custom recovery.
  2. For the second step you have to go to select the installation of the archive file from the SD card via Recovery Mode.
  3. Step 3: opt for Choose ZIP from SD card.
  4. After you do that, you need to find the SmoothROM ZIP file for step number 4 and confirm what you just did.
  5. Last step sounds like this: choose the restarting of the tablet.

And with this final step you just flashed the SmoothROM for your Google Nexus 7 tablet.