How to Root Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9008

Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9008 has many hidden treasures. To reveal all of them, we’ll need SRSRoot. Besides delivering all kinds of novelties, the app shall improve the phone in many ways. All of this and more is delivered by today’s guide!

Your smartphone is ready to receive a lot of new things. Once you get them, you’ll see why a rooting’s needed. But for this procedure to start on a good note, you need a Build ID; this is what we went for: JSS15J.N9008ZMUBMJ5. The SRSRoot complies with many other Build IDs; so you don’t have to apply the one we picked for your SM-N9008. If an unrooting ever calls for, the same app will do this for you. This freeware app is powered by an SRS Server.

The benefits of this procedure

One of the app’s strong points is that it brings you new stuff no matter the gadget you own. Besides working with every device available, this tool is compatible with all of Google’s OS variants. This is why your handset’s Android 4.3 Jelly Bean won’t be deleted and replaced with a different version. A large number of root-only apps will land on the smartphone after it’s rooted. In order to enjoy custom ROMs and customize the device, you need the SRSRoot app. The latter also brings new features to the table.Galaxy-Note-3-Duos-SM-N9008

The novelties list continues with battery and personalization options. There are no security problems to deal with if you install the freeware. Also, don’t worry about bloatware; the rooting doesn’t bring them to the phone. A faster CPU will improve the device’s performance; and that is exactly what the 2.3 GHz will experience. If you want more goodies, here they are: admin and also superuser permission. The SRSRoot app is also known for its ability to get you rid of root access. And its ability to revoke the warranty; when the latter happens, a dedicated guide will make it easy for you to have this warranty restored.

You should know that an update will mess things up if a rooted device is involved. This is how the damage looks like: the phone’s system partition will be deleted. Another loss is the root access; your smartphone will no longer have it. Data of importance stored on the phone will be safe; as will the internal and external SD cards.


There’s the matter of requirements that needs attending to now. These instructions will enable the device’s user to properly root it:

  • use, for this rooting post, a notebook equipped with Windows;
  • here are some USB drivers that you need to download and install on your notebook;
  • a series of regular backups should be created to that the phone’s content isn’t lost;
  • perform a full NANDroid backup;
  • better charge the Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9008 if its battery shows signs of impending draining;
  • the notebook’s useful security programs should be turned off;
  • same goes for the programs that protect the handset;
  • USB Debugging must be enabled on the smartphone.

Step by step instructions

At this point in our guide, we will inform you of the steps that’ll root the device.

  1. This is the first one: the SRSRoot app is available on this page, so go there. Then, be sure to click on a download button. The action will make the app download itself on your notebook.
  2. Once this action’s completed, you should flash the app and open it on the same device as before.
  3. Should these actions be done as well, then go ahead and enable Unknown Sources. Is this option hard to find? Tap Menu, then Settings; when done, look under the latter.
  4. Once you have enabled the correct option, activate this: USB Debugging.  The latter should have already been turned on; if it has, you can move on.
  5. For the next step, we advise you to plug the Samsung SM-N9008 to your notebook. The connection will happen once the smartphone’s USB cord has been used.
  6. If you’ve employed it and your devices are plugged to each other, we recommend this action: click on Root Device (All Methods). The rooting requires you to enable that option because that’s how the procedure gets started.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Approximately 13 minutes will have to pass till the phone is rooted. In case the rooting needs over 15 minutes, then just go back and repeat the steps.
  8. If the procedure doesn’t take that long, simply move on. Like this: restart the smartphone. To help your Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9008 enter this rebooting, click on Reboot System Now. The handset has to restart next, so wait till it does that.

Now that the procedure’s completed, the handset can receive those rooting pros we commented on. If you can’t get used to all the novelties and you want to revoke the root access, you will always have the SRSRoot to help. Another helping tool is the comment field below.