PhoneSuit Lightplay projector to be powered by Android OS

PhoneSuit finished work on a new portable mini projector called Lightplay. And they pre-installed it with one of Google’s Android processors. It becomes available next month.

Not much had been going on in the land of projectors. Or at least that’s what everybody thought for a while. Until PhoneSuit announced a brand new model named Lightplay. A very fitting name for such a product.

Smartphones, digital cams and tablets are all the devices which are known to sport one of the Android operating systems. But this time around, there’s a new gadget to do that: the PhoneSuit Lightplay. Which, of all things, is a projector. Everyone thought it strange, but there you have it. And, overnight, the idea of such a product made the Lightplay very popular.

The design of this projector is of a very inspired mindset. Because it’s very small and portable as well. Its size and weight make it, according to reports, extremely comfortable and easy to use with only one hand. It includes the following features: a technology called motion controller with 3 axis gyroscope and a keyboard that is completely wireless. This projector also sports an optical engine. Which can project high resolution displays reaching a value of 80″. The fact that the keyboard is wireless is a lot of help. It means that the user can experience an Android feeling whenever they do a swipe.PhoneSuit-Lightplay

This very portable mini projector boasts a list of impressive specifications. We dug around and found out exactly which specs everybody’s talking about as being riveting. Here are a couple of them, the most exciting: 8GB of internal memory, a 1GHz CPU and a battery that can be recharged every time it ends its life. Not only that, but the Lightplay is rumored to offer various nice accessories. Connectivity is possible via Wi-Fi.

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The PhoneSuit with their new projector can make it big. So much so that many are beginning to consider the Lightplay an exciting new product which has every chance of becoming another player on the market of niche devices.

On the app, games – and other forms of entertainment – front, this product does not shy away from having quite many of them. And the user will find it easy to use the Google Play marketplace to download them from.

You can make the PhoneSuit Lightplay yours by going to the manufacturer’s Internet page. There you will find it at a price of $499.