Problems for Sony Xperia S tablets

Sony seems to have gotten themselves into some issue with their Xperia S tablets. Find out what it’s all about below.

Even if other manufacturers, like Samsung and Apple to name a few, have just recently launched new tablets or are thinking of adding new ones to their collection, Sony hasn’t done the same. But then again, that’s how the Japanese manufacturer handles things. The main reason for that is the fact that they wish to offer their consumers something which will last them a long time. Unlike many of the tablets made these days by other manufacturers.

But their Xperia S gadget has gotten itself into some trouble. From the looks of it, the way the device was drawn is the culprit. Because the company soon noticed that the touchscreen would lift from the case when the tablet is on a desk. In other words: the part of the display which sits near the area filled with ports isn’t attached to the product’s case. The tablet issue was soon discovered to be linked to a flap that was thrown onto the device so that the latter could be protected from various damaging elements.Sony-Xperia-S

The sort of specs you are presented with once you get the tablet out of its box are compelling. We’ll add here some of the most important ones, which are these: a 10″ touchscreen, a Quad-Core 1.4GHx A9 processor, two cameras (out of which one packs 8MP and sits on the rear and the other is a 1MP model and is placed on the device’s front) and an NVIDIA Tegra video processor.

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You can play videos for a total of 12 hours. There is remote control functionality and the Tegra video CPU is able to deliver great quality for both gaming in HD and movies in high definition.

Because of the problem that the Xperia S tablet is facing, Sony decided to take it out of production for the time being. If you already own one, it will be recalled by the manufacturer. And, if you wanted to buy one, you won’t be able to for a while. Sony was kind enough to announce people of the issue on their official website.

When there won’t be problems with the Sony Xperia S, you will be able to order one for a price of $399-$599. The latter is the price of the model with 64GB; the former is what the version with 16GB costs.