Motorola Razr i official: the first Intel powered smartphone

The market has long awaited to hear this piece of news: we will be able to buy the first smartphone powered by a processor made by Intel.

This new device was created by Motorola. You may have hear about it, but it was first known as Droid Razr M. The name of the smartphone is Razr i and, compared to the Razr M one, it features a new CPU. That’s made by Intel.

This model comes with a generous 4.3″ touchscreen. It features the company’s popular near edge-to-edge technology. Other specs of this phone include an 8MP cam, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (the 4.1 Jelly Bean version might come soon), a 2,000-milliamp battery and a single core 2-gigahertz Atom Z2480 Medfield chip. Compared to the camera on the Droid Razr M, the cam on the Razr i features a dedicated button. The kind of CPU that is used here makes it possible for the owner to take 10 photos in under 1 second.

This time around, this recent phone sports Intel’s standard logo on its rear, which is very good advertisement for them. As for the features boasted by the Razr i, they look something like this: compatibility with HSPA+ 14 networks (that are run by either T-Mobile or AT&T) and one penta band antenna (for US roaming).motorola-razr-i

Returning for a bit to the specs, it’s important to mention that the battery installed on the Razr i is very much praised by the phone’s manufacturer. According to the team at Motorola, this 2,000-milliamp model can offer 20 hours of something that the company calls mixed use. That indicates how much time someone uses a smartphone. This amount is bigger compared to how much the battery on the Razr M lasted. Motorola has used this term before, on their other phones.

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The fact that the manufacturer did not chose an Intel chip in the past goes to show that Motorola did not think them very good. At least not when you have giants like Nvidia. Or Qualcomm with their very efficient CPUs.

Motorola talked about their connection to Intel at the beginning of this year. It was then that the two manufacturers started toying around with the idea of creating a smartphone that would run on an Intel processor.

The Motorola Razr i will first land in Latin America and Europe soon. There is no info yet on how much this smartphone is going to cost.