How to increase the Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life

Because the battery that Samsung’s popular Galaxy S2 does not allow for even a full day of operation, we are telling you today how to make it last longer. And it is all very simple to do.

After South Korean manufacturer Samsung came to the market with the Galaxy S2, their smartphone registered very high sales. Its specs, design and feature all contributed to that success. And still do. However, the specs themselves mean that the battery goes empty quickly. So how can one get a better battery life? You will find the answer below.

Important instructions

  1. First of all, turn the GPS/Bluetooth option off. Should you desperately want to find an address, you can turn this option on at any time.
  2. Second step is to underclock the processor, which is a dual 1.2 GHz model. To do that you can install an app called Root Users and then get the SetCPU. It’s a solution that has had a lot of success. And still does, at least according to those who are already using it.
  3. The third step is to reduce the brightness of the display. This is doable via the disabling of the phone’s automatic brightness option. After that the user can set the touchscreen till it gets the lowest brightness setting possible. All by hand.
  4. Fourth step involves the switching between 2G and 3G. The reason for this is that the Galaxy S2 consumes a lot of power when it locates a signal. So the best idea is to choose either the 2G or the 3 when you are in different situations.Samsung-Galaxy-S2
  5. You must know that if you have installed a large number of widgets, the battery life will be shortened. Every single home screen of your phone will increase the battery consumption. Some of these widgets tend to have a higher probability to consume more than others. In this category you can find news apps, weather and social bookmarking applications. These widgets use the auto synchronization capabilities to update their info. You can increase the time between the synchronizations. The S2 battery will be happy after these changes.
  6. No matter how much you love your current widgets and backgrounds, you should avoid them. That way the battery will not empty that quickly. In our experience, using a background that has black in it, or grey, means that not a lot of power is consumed to keep it there. Anything with color or a live wallpaper are not the best ideas.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If you overcharge the phone too many times, you will risk ruining the battery in the long run. The best option is to look at the screen, see if it indicates the color red near the icon for battery and then, only then, go and charge it. Also, keep in mind that you should not do anything that might stop the battery from reaching a 100% full charge.
  8. The last step is to simply turn the auto rotate/motion sensor off. The latter tends to get into the nasty habit of consume a lot of power when the user plays a game or several. In conclusion, turn this sensor on only if you are really really dying of boredom.

And this concludes our list of ways to offer the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S2 more life. If you follow the steps carefully, you will be able to perform a lot of tasks without worrying over how much battery life is left by looking at the battery icon. Also, keep in mind another thing: these instructions apply to this smartphone, not to others. They may or may not have 2G, for instance, so that step won’t work.