First Aston Martin Luxury smartphone: called Aspire and powered by Android

Aston Martin announced they’re releasing a smartphone powered by Android OS and called Aspire. Is it worth it?

It seems like there is a new fashion statement nowadays saying that, if you are a famous car brand, then you should definitely branch out in the smartphone market. Look, for instance, at Lamborghini. Then at Ferrari. Both of these car manufacturers have already released a smartphone each. Aston Martin is now following their example.

The British car manufacturer thought of creating a smartphone that would belong on the luxury market. Which basically means: if you are not a millionaire, you should stay away from it. And frankly speaking, this phone is not really worth the fuss. But more about that below.

The Aston Martin Luxury smartphone is called Aspire, if you were wondering. It comes with an array of specifications that should not be featured on such a pretentious smartphone. Because they are not at all fresh or state-of-the-art. They look something like this: a 3.2″ touchscreen of the HVGA variety (meaning its resolution is 480 x 320 pixels), two cameras (one is a 0.3MP one and it is featured on the device’s front; the other one is a 5MP and it sits on the back), an Android 2.3.5 OS, 256MB of RAM, 512mb of ROM and an 800 MHz single core CPU. All of these specs are truly not worth a try. Unless you want something made by Aston Martin.Aston-Martin-Luxury-phone

The features and other stuff that ship with this device are headphones (with the Aston Martin brand on them), 2 1,500 mAh batteries, a retail box and one leather pouch.

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The design of the Aston Martin Aspire is nice. Since this phone costs an awful lot of money, the materials that it is made of are sure to stand the test of time along with damage due to various elements. And there is also gold in its body, 24 carat gold to be precise. The model comes not in one color, but in 5: white, gold, silver, rose gold and the always elegant black.

On the whole, this new smartphone is not such a smart investment. Its looks may be classy, but the specs sure aren’t that hard to forget. But then again, the manufacturer behind it does not specialize in making such devices.

The price of the Aston Martin Aspire is a handful. Based on the type of color you want it delivered in, the price tag starts from $1,290 and ends at 1,590. So unless you want to own such a smartphone only for the sake of the company who made it, try other models instead.