Mailbox app confirmed for Android

Mailbox email app used to work with only iPhone models. But, if you are an Android user, you will also get to share in the fun soon.

Ever since the launch of this app, its developer has been receiving a lot of praise. Recently, he made a version for Apple’s iPad. But, coming back to Android fans, the Mailbox email app has been announced to land in Google’s Play Store at a later date.

Talk about a version for Android devices started to float around this past April. The exact release date for this instrument has not yet been made official. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, since its production has not even started yet. However, we now have confirmation from its developer, so that’s a step in the right direction.Mailbox-app

What does it say, though, apart from the fact that an Android version of the Mailbox app will be available? Mailbox CEO reported that the app, which will be offered in the Play Store, is going to be a more challenging thing to prepare. Which was not the case with the version for the iPad. For one, the app will see modifications in its user interface and looks.

If you have been using Gmail for checking your emails, writing them and so on, you’re probably not as interested in the Mailbox app as others. But those interested in it should know that this app is not completely devoid of nice features to check out. You can, for example, snooze an email if you want to read it later; you can do that by swiping to the left.
And there are many other different swipe gestures to control your inbox. According to the Mailbox CEO, this app was created so that the user can easily achieve zero messages in their inbox at any given moment.

If this sounds good, we will let you know when the Mailbox app for Android is officially launched.