How to Install MIUIv5 Custom ROM on Xperia Neo L and Xperia Play

Sony Xperia Play together with Xperia Neo L have both arrived at a point where they need an update. Which update is made available via this tutorial. The firmware that is responsible for the upgrade of your phone is MIUIv5 custom ROM.

The MIUIv5 custom ROM on display today uses many exciting features that will open the door to multiple customization possibilities. Also, keep in mind that the firmware we are using has the following to look forward to: an enhanced notification center, Xperia Z keyboard, Bravia engine, full MIUI applications and much more. You shall also discover that many problems have been solved; you will no longer experience issues with the notification bar, with screen brightness, with the T9 keyboard and so on.


To get the update on the Xperia Neo L or the Xperia Play, you should act as shown in the requirements below:

  • don’t root your phone if it isn’t (it’s totally fine if you’ve already rooted the device, though);
  • turn on USB Debugging on the phone;
  • use a laptop running Windows;
  • turn off the programs which your laptop relies on to fight off security issues;
  • the same programs should be disabled on the smartphone you want to update;
  • charge the device’s battery;
  • generate few backups using our instructions.Xperia-Neo-L

Installation guide

  1. Next up you will see the steps we want to help upgrade your phone with. Here are the files which your notebook must feature on its desktop: and (file name: boot_phoenix_turbo-v3.1.img) – these two can be used for either of your handset model.
  2. Then you need to leave the two files untouched (as in: don’t extract what they carry inside them). Instead of unzipping them, you need to do something else: plug the handset to your notebook. After the two devices have been connected, you can move on by doing this: take the files from the desktop of your PC, then transfer them over to the phone’s SD card root and unplug the phone from your laptop.
  3. After you’ve powered the Xperia Play or the Xperia Neo L off, you should enter the phone into Recovery Mode; you have the following option on how to do this: go to Google Play and onto your device.
  4. Once the phone is in the Recovery Mode, you should choose the option called “Install zip from SD card“. Now opt for the KERNEL .zip archive to flash it; then make sure to choose Wipe Cache Partition followed by Factory Reset/Wipe Data and Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  5. Now opt for the MIUIv5 custom ROM one to install it. Wait until the installation is over before you can do this: opt for the phone’s trademark restarting option which goes by the name of “Restart the phone“.

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After either the Xperia Neo L or the Xperia Play restarts into Normal Mode after a couple of minutes, you should go to the phone’s Settings and then tap on About Phone. If you do as such, you will see the MIUIv5 custom ROM on your handset. Which means that you shall also witness all the pros we mentioned not to long ago. Once you’ve seen all there is to see about the update firmware, you can leave a comment below this post in case you want.

NOTE: However, here is a part that addresses those of you who are having troubles with your phone. The device may, for example, annoy you by remaining stuck in a boot loop. There is always a solution to this kind of solution. The one we prefer sounds like this: press Power until your handset gets powered off, then take the battery out. Now put it back where it belongs and press Power again.