Install Mako Kernel on Google Nexus 4

We would like to say a few things today on how to install Mako Kernel on Google’s Nexus 4 and how much it will help this particular phone reach new depths when it comes to performance and whatnot. The battery, for one, will last much longer than it does now.

But pay close attention to the following pre-requisites so that you can have a great installation process: turn USB Debugging on, root the handset and fully charge the battery that comes with this model. If your LG Nexus 4 is also featured with an unlocked version that sports CWM Recovery, it’s even more excellent, because that’s one of the most important requirements.

Important instructions

  1. Step number one will need you to  and after that move the archive from the computer to the phone’s integrated SD card. A good idea now is to disconnect the laptop / Nexus 4 connection.
  2. Step number two will require you to switch the smartphone off and after that enter it into the ClockworkMod Recovery mode (remember: the keys to use here are Volume Up, Volume Down and Power at the same time; then, upon reaching Fastboot, you should tap on Volume. Next operation: look for Recovery and click on Power to opt for it). Now get back to Backup and Restore and choose Backup; this will perform a full backup of the actual phone’s ROM and you have to confirm the operation after you are done.
  3. Step number three contains the following actions for you to follow through: find and afterwards select Factory Reset/Wipe Data, after which you need to confirm the selection.
  4. Step number four should go like this: get back to the phone’s menu and choose the option that goes by the name of Wipe Cache Partition.
  5. For step five you are asked to confirm the selection.
  6. Step six needs you to opt for Advanced and then for Wipe Cache Partition.
  7. Step seven tells you to operate a confirmation for this, come back to the handset’s main menu and then locate Install ZIP from SD Card. Now select Choose zip from SD Card.
  8. Step eight recommends you to look for the Mako Kernel archive located on the phone’s memory card.
  9. The ninth step will require you to confirm the last action. Now go back and opt for restarting the phone. Wait till the Nexus 4 goes into a rebooting phase. After this ends at last, the smartphone you hold is going to sport the Mako Kernel custom ROM. You can, from now on, dive into all sorts of goodies this tool offers new users. So do dive in!


Now that your Google Nexus 4 is flashed with the Mako Kernel, spend time with it and discover what advantages you can experience from now!