Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 UEEMF1 Official Firmware on Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110 WiFi

Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110 WiFi is in for an update, folks. An update to Android 4.1.2 with UEEMF1 official firmware none the less. So make the most out of today’s tutorial, since it contains the steps for a smooth procedure.


Gather round for a peek at these pre-requisites:

How to update N5110 to UEEMF1

  1. Gather round once more, but this time for the following reason: we will show you the steps to have your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110 Wi-Fi updated. You will have to begin with the following instruction: download the and Odin tool on your comp.Galaxy-Note-8.0-N5110
  2. Now make time to unzip the archives; then be sure you see these files in the large mass of others: .tar.md5 and Odin v3.07.exe.
  3. After you see those, you have to switch the Note 8.0 N5110 off so that you are able to enter it in Download Mode by doing as follows: press + hold, simultaneously, Volume Down and Home, afterwards make sure to press Power and after that press Volume Up.
  4. Everything is all good and you should launch the Odin as Admin for now. Then plug the tablet to the PC; the two will really be plugged to one another only in case some very important elements happen: one ID:COM box goes yellow and you spot a COM port number along with that.
  5. If neither the first sign or the second one is in sight, then you have to turn to another USB port or install the USB Drivers a second time.
  6. The following group of buttons and files should be clicked on and then opted for:
    – click on PDA and afterwards choose a file with either .md5 or .tar;
    – click on Phone and opt for choose a file which bears MODEM in its name;
    – tap on CSC key and then opt for a file having CSC in its name;
    – click on PIT, after which remember to select a file ending in .pit.
  7. Select these boxes next: Auto Reboot, Repartition and F. Reset Time; put of the three, you should opt for the middle one if you went for the .pit file.
  8. Next move to complete: wait for the Note 8.0 GT-N5110 to restart and then to show you a message which must read PASS. After you see it and a background whose main color is green, you will realize that the time is ripe to unplug the tablet from your PC.

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NOTICE: Our tutorial has reached its end now. Your Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110 WiFi is updated to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean by way of official firmware named UEEMF1. If you don’t believe us, go to your gadget’s Settings, tap on About Tablet and see the firmware there.

Very few guides go without a hiccup now and then. If, after this one, you see your device stuck on something called boot animation, your next trajectory in solving this is as follows:

  • first of all, go to the Recovery Mode;
  • then perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
  • perform Wipe Cache Partition;
  • restart your device.

The tablet is devoid of the previous annoying issue and yours to use in peace once more.