Install Gingerbread 2.3.6 XXMH1 Official Firmware on Galaxy Mini 2 S6500D

Galaxy Mini 2 S6500D (New Zealand version from Vodafone) is here to bring you a taste of how a smartphone can make your time pass faster. From the get-go, the performance of this handset model is great.

But as usual, if you think your device can perform even better than right now, you can try updating it to the new stock firmware.

So, like the name of the firmware says, the new firmware is the tool to decide upon should you want an upgraded operating system. While the firmware we selected will bring you this particular Android 2.3.6, it will also get you in touch with other things, like a longer battery unit, new ways of customizing your beloved device, the possibility to get custom ROMs and so on.

This tutorial on how to install the XXMH1 official firmware is meant for people who want to get the upgrade manually, so keep that in mind. Because another method of having the file is via a notification your phone will send you. So if you don’t see such a message, you should follow our guide below.


Before the latter can develop, you need to have a peek at the pre-requisites we outlined below:

  • download Odin tool v3.07 from here and the on your Galaxy S2 Mini S6500D. You can search in the dedicated field for the name of the firmware if you need an update file for another country;
  • follow that up by making a backup;
  • charge the battery of the smartphone until its icon says it’s completely full;
  • don’t install a custom recovery on your handset;
  • flash USB drivers for the phone on the laptop or computer you normally use every day.Galaxy-Mini-2-S6500D

To be able to go through a tutorial that ends successfully, you will have to follow every single one of our guide’s steps. Miss one and your device won’t receive an upgrade.


  1. The first few moves that you must perform ask you to extract the update firmware on your laptop and then restart the device in Download Mode like shown in the next mini tutorial: power your handset off first, press and simultaneously hold Volume Down and Home after which you should press Power; then press the latter once more and you will be in the necessary mode for your GT-S6500D.
  2. Now return to the notebook, launch the Odin on it and plug the phone to the laptop. Soon you shall come across a yellow-colored ID:COM box port along with a message that says “Added!!“. All of this means one thing: the devices have been plugged to one another the right way.
  3. Now opt for the two packages you had to download on your PC and then tap “PDA“. A file with a “CODE” in the name will appear, so choose it.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then tap “Phone“, opt for a “MODEM”-named file, click on “CSC“, choose a file which sports “CSC” in the name, tap “PIT” and opt for a file that comes with a .pit extension in its name. Now opt for these boxes: F. Reset Time, Repartition (only should you have already opted for the .pit extension file) and Auto Reboot. Tap “START” after you have chosen the correct boxes.
  5. Very soon, the update file will be flashed on your smartphone. After the procedure is finally over, the Galaxy S2 Mini S6500D is going to restart and then display the XXMH1 Gingerbread 2.3.6 official firmware in its “About Phone” section from the option known as “Settings“.