Install Firefox OS on HTC HD2 using Boot2Gecko Firmware

To flash the latest version of Firefox operating system on your HTC HD2 (the guide is available for the both models: T8585 and T9193), you should keep your eyes on today’s tutorial. The update is sure to make you happy. Boot2Gecko is the firmware that was created for your smartphone and we will use it here.


To avoid encountering problems while performing our guide, you should engulf in the following pre-requisites beforehand: root your phone if you haven’t by now (and also use a custom recovery image on it; you can choose between TeamWin Recovery Project and ClockworkMod Recovery), locate and then flash USB drivers for the device on your notebook, use the USB cord of the HTC HD2 model as indicated in the next paragraph, create as many backups as will be needed to save the data on your handset, turn on USB debugging on it and charge its

Important instructions

And now for some action-related topic: the tasks that are going to install the Firefox OS on the HTC HD2.

  1. The fun begins with this instruction: for your handset online, then have it downloaded on the notebook you use.
  2. After you’re done completing this guideline, another one will come and tell you to plug the smartphone to your computer via the USB cable we told you about when we talked about requirements.
  3. The Boot2Gecko is going to have to pass through this procedure: copy it from where you downloaded it, then paste it to the external SD card of the phone.
  4. Once the transfer of this tool is over, you should make sure your HTC HD2 is powered off; when it is, you will have to go on with this guide by doing the following: enter the handset into Recovery Mode by pressing + holding Volume Down, Power and Home simultaneously.
  5. Let go of all of these keys only when you spot a message on the screen, then, after the device is in the Recovery Mode, you are going to have to find your way around features and so on by playing around with these keys: Volume Down and Volume Up; Power should be used in those moments when you have to choose a certain option.
  6. Let’s see what’s to be done next: wipe the operating system that’s flashed on your phone by opting for Wipe Data; what you just did has to be confirmed, then you will be asked to choose Install zip from SD card.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The Boot2Gecko ROM will have to be opted for, then you need to confirm that you want to have it flashed on your HTC HD2.
  8. After you wait for a couple of minutes, you have to choose, in the Recovery Menu of your smartphone, the following option: +++Go Back+++. Having completed this task, make sure to opt for the system restarting. Then have more patience as the device shows signs of rebooting on its own.

The HTC HD2 is complete, at long last, with the newest Firefox OS. Where to locate it? It should be in your “About phone” area.