Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915

Samsung Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915 is here to receive its own tutorial at last. Which is something its owners have long been looking for since like forever. Find out how to install ClockworkMod Recovery on this phone from today’s tutorial.

Before we talk about our requirements and steps to follow, though, you should be made aware of the following: your Galaxy Indulge R915 will run the risk of losing its warranty as soon as the installation of the custom recovery image is near its end. In order to get it back where it belongs, you can modify the flash counter to zero via an app called TriangleAway; or you can just install an official firmware.


In preparation of our tutorial, you should have a rooted smartphone, then on it (it’s in the Google Marketplace), make sure the battery that comes with it is fully charged, create a backup (we recommend a full backup of the phone’s memory using this guide).

Then check and see whether or not USB debugging is turned on or off on your device; if it’s unchecked, check it on, because it needs to be enabled for a successful procedure. Use a smartphone that is factory unlocked and, last but not least, be sure to install, on the laptop you use on a daily basis, the right USB Drivers that should later be featured on your Galaxy Indulge R915. Samsung-Galaxy-Indulge-SCH-R915

The preparations that should be performed before the beginning of every tutorial online are now over. It’s high time we talked about the steps that will make the installation of the CWM Recovery on your smartphone a dream come true in the easiest way possible. Or so we hope.

Important instructions

  1. For step number one you should concentrate on these actions: check to see if the ROM Manager is installed on your handset, then launch it.
  2. Step two will tell you to tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery once the smartphone has an Internet connection ready to use. Now wait for the app to require a confirmation from you. When it does that, the third step will arrive on the scene and require you to tap on Device. After you do that, some prompts should also appear on the display of the phone.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Follow them, then as soon as you do that, the application will download the CWM Recovery on the Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915. You can opt for a non-touch or a touch one. After you place your choice, the custom recovery image will be installed on the handset.
  4. When that is done, step four is going to need this from you: have patience till the ClockworkMod Recovery features on the device. In order to be able to restart into recovery, you need to do as follows: launch the ROM Manager app and follow this action by tapping on the option called Reboot into Recovery.

All is now over. Your Samsung Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915 is now as trendy as others, in the sense that it finally boasts the ClockworkMod Recovery.