How to Unroot LG Spirit 4G MS870

LG Spirit 4G MS870 (MetroPCS version) is nowhere near as famous as LG’s other products. Which is not saying much, because people don’t regret buying it. Those are the ones who should be interested in this guide, because it tells you how to unroot this phone.

The procedure that is the subject of our post today addresses those of you who regret rooting the Spirit 4G, despite all of the advantages that come with a procedure of the sort. That’s not to say that an unrooting lacks pros; the most crucial one is being able to return the once lost warranty.


How does one unroot a smartphone, though, and this model in particular? Find out the answer after considering these pre-requisites: use the Spirit 4G MS870 that has been rooted via the tutorial we wrote on this site, flash on your laptop, charge its integrated battery and create a backup via our guide.LG-Spirit-4G-MS870

Our answer on how to unroot this handset is here. It will be offered by the following steps.

Important instructions

  1. Number 1 on our list says that you should open your computer and download and (the newest version available) on it and then take out, with an extracting tool, the files the first archive contains to the same device. Make sure the content is extracted to its desktop. Now double-click on msxml.msi.
  2. Instructions for you to follow will appear on the screen after you double-click on the previous file; after they’re followed accordingly, the msxml.msi file will be flashed on the laptop.
  3. Step three will tell you to do as follows: run UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe that is, right now, on the comp’s desktop, then click on Folder icon.
  4. For the fourth step you have to opt for Stock Firmware CAB, which is going to modify the .cab file extension to a .kdz file; the latter will then be installed on the phone.
  5. Step five is asking you the following: wait for the conversion process of the .cab file to be over.
  6. The place where the said file is now will be shown to you. You should switch the Spirit 4G next and also reboot it into Download Mode by pressing + holding Volume Up and Volume Down while connecting it to the laptop.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now is the time for the seventh step to require this from you: double-click on KDZ_FW_UPD.exe file from the desktop. Now opt for CDMA when you’re in the Type section of your phone, then choose, from the section called Phonemode, the option that’s known as Emergency.
  8. Step eight goes something like this: click on the Folder icon. Step nine: opt for the .kdz file, then click on Launch Software Update. The firmware will now begin to install itself on the Spirit 4G MS870.
  9. Reboot the smartphone. The LG Spirit 4G you used to dislike because of its rooted state is now unrooted.

The stock firmware that you used to enjoy on your phone is now back in action once more thanks to the procedure we talked about in today’s tutorial.

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