How to Root LG Optimus Net P690

Another example of a smartphone which works better if rooted is LG’s Optimus Net P690. And, if you let us, we plan on letting you know how to root it. Everything you will need for this guide you can find below. Enjoy!

If this is your first time coming across such a tutorial, then the first thing you need to know: you will be asked to inform yourself on various pre-requisites. If you don’t know about them, you will more than likely ruin your smartphone. To avoid that, do as we tell you, then you can follow the steps which are part of our guide.


Here are the requirements: employ a laptop that boasts Windows as its OS, charge the battery of your Optimus Net P690 and make a backup using this guide. After you are done, you need to jump to the steps we were just telling you about.LG-Optimus-Net-P690

Let’s waste no more time and start with step number one. To make it a successful experience, do as follows: download and on your laptop. Here is where we pipe in to quickly tell you how to install the drivers: put the phone’s driver file on the desktop of your computer, then initiate installation process of the former exectuable.

Some instructions will come on the display and your task will be to follow them. Lastly: after the drivers are flashed on your laptop, reboot it.

Important instructions

  1. Now you can finally start the first step of our tutorial on how to root the LG Optimus Net P690. The instructions for it are the following: send the SuperOneClick .zip file to your laptop’s desktop, then extract the files it contains there. When done with these actions, you should go to the phone’s Menu, choose Settings, opt for Applications, select Development and check a box that is placed near a USB debugging option.
  2. The second step will need you to plug the smartphone to the laptop after the USB debugging option has been turned on. Now go to the laptop’s desktop and access the ADB directory to launch it.
  3. In step three you need to open a Command line in that folder by using the selected Shift key of the comp, then use the mouse and then use the right click method on its display.
  4. When done with the previous actions, step four will ask you to opt for Open command line here. After that you need to enter
    adb devices
    adb shell
    echo 1 >/data/local/lge_adb.conf
    Your next task is this: close the Command line, then immediately afterwards open the SuperOneClick tool; to do so, you need to start the execution of the SupeOneClick. Now make sure to select the Root option, once you are in the tool’s main menu.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step five will require you to do as follows: wait for the Optimus Net P690 to start rooting. This won’t take more than a couple of seconds. As soon as that time passes, your smartphone will finally be able to flash any custom recovery image, get third-party apps and other delightful actions.

However, the warranty of the handset will need to be brought back; if you’re unsure how that can happen, we’ll tell you: unroot your phone by using one of our guides.