How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 (US Cellular version)

There are many people who bought Samsung’s Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 (US Cellular version) thanks to its popularity based on great performance and riveting features.

But, as usual, performing a rooting procedure on a smartphone will help reveal more wonderful things. And the same is going to happen should you follow this post.


However, we recommend you to think this through, since such a process will inevitably mean some losses; such as the warranty as well as the factory settings going away. But the pros of a rooting are more numerous than the cons.

Here are the requirements which are also crucial to such a procedure: install, on your laptop, drivers that were meant for this particular phone, download Odin, ClockworkMod Recovery and . Don’t forget to make a phone’s backup and to charge its battery.

How to install CWM Recovery

Our guide comprises another one which will teach you how to install the CWM Recovery.

  1. First: send all of the files above to the desktop, extract the contents of Odin to the same location and plug the phone to the laptop.Galaxy-S3-SCH-R530
  2. Then copy the Root Package zip to the phone’s SD card, choosing the root section, unplug the devices at the end of the transfer and open Odin like this: initiate the file execution using the double click method and, in Odin, tap on PDA.
  3. Opt for the ClockworkMod Recovery and make sure that Auto Reboot is unchecked as soon as possible. The handset now needs to be switched off so that you can select and keep pressed for about 5 seconds the keys for Home, Volume down and Power to reboot it into Download Mode.
  4. Follow this up by tapping on Volume Up and then plug the smartphone to the computer.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]As soon as a box in the tool becomes yellow, your phone is recognized by Odin and you can watch as the Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 goes into a flashing process after you tap Start.
  6. Then you have to take out the phone’s battery and leave it switched off.

How to root the handset

  1. Press and hold, with the phone switched off, the buttons for Home, Volume Up and Power, an action which is going to boot it into the CWM Recovery mode. Opt for Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card. Another action you need to perform looks like this: opt for the Root Pack archive and wait a couple of minutes till the Galaxy S3 flashes.
  2. Go to the Recovery Menu and choose the system restarting. After the rebooting, your Samsung Galaxy S3 (US Cellular) will be rooted.