How to root the LG Optimus Black P970

Looking for a method to safely and easily root your favorite smartphone, LG Optimus Black? We have the best solution out there just for you. Just keep your handset close, download GingerBreak and see if your device uses Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Don’t proceed with our guide if your Optimus Black P970 does not feature any of the above.

Oh, and be prepared to have the warranty of the smartphone deleted once you complete this guide. But don’t panic: this warranty will come back if you unroot the device. So follow the latter tutorial and you will get your warranty back safe and sound.

And now for the steps that make sure the LG Optimus Black P970 gets rooted. We put all of them in order, so if you skip even one of them, the process will not go as well as you’d like.


Important instructions

  1. The first step sounds like this: on your PC. Then place it in a dedicated folder. Next move to be performed: grab a hold of the USB cable that comes with the phone; use it so that the handset is fully connected to your comp.
  2. Step number two will advise you to do as follows: move the GingerBreak APF file from the computer to the internal memory card of your phone, then make sure to disconnect the two devices from one another.
  3. The third step is even easier to follow: simply access the Menu > Settings > Applications > Development and after that click on USB debugging option.
  4. Step number four has these instructions for you: direct yourself to Menu, choose Settings and afterwards click on Security. Then don’t forget to turn on the option that says Unknown sources and, when you’re done, launch My files on the phone.
  5. For step number five all you have to do is start the installation process for the GingerBreak APK.
  6. Step number six will have you access the GingerBreak application and then you should hit the key marked Root on the application menu.
  7. Then, for the seventh step, do the following: have some patience till the rooting ends. Then go to the App Drawer and look for an app called Superuser.
  8. Step number eight needs to look like this: go to Google Play. Find the BusyBox app and install it on your phone.

These are all the steps required to root the LG Optimus Black P970 in no more than 15 minutes (more if you are a complete newbie). The procedure will be sure to offer a whole new user experience for any owner of this type of smartphone. But, if you actually decide to unroot the phone, you can use our guide for this purpose.

  • celso

    I can’t install the GingerBreak APK, what would be?

    • Catalin Nichita

      Which version of Android did you have installed on your phone? Is it Android 2.3 Gingerbread? Is another OS?

  • Juanda Blanco

    I installed the Gingerbrak and my phone thought, during three hours but superuser app no appears.

    What can i do ?