How to unroot the LG Optimus Black P970

Because we have already dedicated an article to the rooting of the LG Optimus Black P970, let us find out bow how exactly to perform the opposite action, namely how to unroot this smartphone.

As you may already know, your phone needs to feature a file called GingerBreak and it must already be rooted (use our tutorial for this part). Once you see that your Optimus Black P970 has that file on it and has also gone through that process we mentioned, you can now learn how to have it unrooted. Just do what the below steps instruct you to do and you will be just fine. And own an unrooted device at the end of the guide here.

Important instructions

  1. We shall introduce our “How to guide” by telling you what the very first step has to say. Which is the following instruction: pick .
  2. For step two, this file must be placed onto your laptop’s desktop. Then perform the following easy action: connect the Optimus Black to the comp you usually use for your daily work. Employ the handset’s USB cable for this step, otherwise nothing good will come of it. Then be sure to move the APK file to the internal memory card of your device.
  3. LG-Optimus-BlackStep number three tells you to select the root folder when you move the file and disconnect the two devices after the end of the transfer phase.
  4. The fourth step instructs the user to access My files next up. Afterwards, the following move is to just tap on the APK archive. This will install the latter on your phone and then you can jump to the following step.
  5. Which is number five: select the Menu and after that be sure to start the GingerBreak application.
  6. When this application appears on the screen of your handset, for step number six you will need to tap on the key that says UnRoot device, then watch as the phone goes through the unrooting process in the next couple of minutes.

A process which may seem to take a while, yes. But fear not: your LG Optimus Black P970 is going to let you know when all of this ends, so just have some patience for this part of our tutorial.

Wasn’t that easy? You will now have the opportunity to play around with an LG Optimus Black P970 that is going to feel and move differently than it used to before. And we mean in the best way possible. Make good use of it!

In case the guide did not go well, you should repeat it one more time. And then again until you own an unrooted LG Optimus Black P970.