How to Overclock the CPU speed of your HTC Wildfire S

At one point or another in your relationship with your HTC Wildfire S you may see its processor starting to lose power. What this means: you need to overclock your phone’s processor.

This is going to improve the way your handset delivers in terms of performance. And your phone is going to let you flash those apps which are hard to get a reaction from if your CPU is not overclocked, it will also allow the user to play 3D games, watch a movie in full HD and so on.

For the guide on this page we found a custom kernel. So far, we haven’t found official firmware for this process. In case the HTC Wildfire S you have sports custom ROM firmware, it’s recommended to simply skip the tool we will use. That’s because the firmware on your device has many kernels which are changed so that they allow overclocking.

So that was it for the introduction. But be careful if you want to overclock your smartphone: its warranty is not going to appear on the device anymore, but we have a way to help it reappear. And that way is as following: downgrade your phone to stock Android.


The overclocking of the HTC Wildfire S will happen only after you see to these pre-requisites: root the smartphone, flash TWRP or CWM Recovery on it, create a backup via this tutorial, turn on USB Debugging on the phone, charge the battery, use a notebook sporting Windows OS and make sure you disable the handset’s and then the laptop’s security programs. HTC-Wildfire-S

Step by step instructions

  1. The tutorial on how to overclock your device starts by you having to for the procedure on your laptop and then saving it on its desktop.
  2. Remember not to extract the content inside that file, but to instead move the kernel file from the desktop to the SD card root of your HTC Wildfire S by plugging the smartphone to your notebook; the USB cable of your handset is the tool which will help you safely connect the two devices between one another. Once the end of the transfer is happening, you should do as follows: unplug the smartphone from the laptop.
  3. Move on to the next necessary steps of today’s guide. So here is what you must do next: switch the HTC Wildfire S off and boot it into Recovery Mode, then, when you are done with those, you will be asked to opt for Install zip from SD card.
  4. After you also select Choose zip from SD card, you need to opt for the custom kernel and then do this: install it on the HTC Wildfire S.
  5. Once the file is all installed on the phone, we advise you to choose +++go back+++. This option should afterwards be chosen: the system restarting.
  6. After the rebooting is complete, your handset will be ready to be overclocked and you will soon see the big improvements we mentioned in our previous paragraphs.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]But before that: open the handset, click on Google Play icon and download either SetCPU or No-frills CPU Control on it; the latter is the best of the two.
  8. After it’s downloaded, the tool must be flashed on the phone; run it afterwards and wait for some instructions to pop. They will make it possible for the phone to be overclocked after you follow them and then close the app.

NOTE: In case you experience a boot loop: reboot the phone into Recovery first, then choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data, choose Wipe Cache Partition and the issue will be solved.