Guide: Unlock the Motorola RAZR I bootloader

With the help of a bootloader, a smartphone gives the user the possibility to start all the important applications and to allow the OS to start using just the phone’s RAM. But now and then the user may wish to modify certain elements on his Motorola RAZR I, an action which is possible only after an unlocking of the device.

Therefore all you owners of this handset, rejoice: there is a way to make good use of everything this phone has to offer by unlocking its bootloader. How is that done, you ask? Easy: just follow the steps you’ll see after a couple more of our paragraphs.


As you all know by now, and if you don’t we’ll explain here, unlocking a smartphone will render its warranty void. But, as usual, if something goes wrong you can restore the actual software of the phone using an update that comes straight from Motorola themselves. So no need to panic.

Here are the most essential steps you need to do before proceeding: perform a backup of crucial data and be sure that you have saved the Contact list. You can use a laptop or a comp that has Windows installed to be sure that you can do all these things:

  • you must save all the important files that are on your phone (we recommend you a SD card);
  • get this application if you want to backup the SMS’s, use only the Motorola RAZR I for the process;
  • use a custom recovery image to be sure that you have saved the actual ROM version of the device;
  • download restore and backup apps for backing up call logs;
  • employ the phone’s USB cord;
  • turn off all the antivirus applications on both the smartphone and your laptop and;
  • charge the phone’s battery.


Important instructions

You now have the green light to start unlocking the Motorola RAZR I. Below are the steps that will guide you through the whole process.

  1. First step, direct yourself to the official Internet page of Motorola. Once there, laid out and afterwards download the application you need for the unlocking phase .
  2. For step 2 you have to save what you downloaded on the laptop of your choice and then connect the RAZR I to it via the phone’s USB cord.
  3. The third step tells you to access the command prompt window using these steps: click on Start button (for all Windows OS), then type Run, then cmd. Here you must type the “fastboot oem get_unlock_code” command.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next up is step number 4, for which you need to go to the Motorola official site, enter in your your GMail account and wait till you receive a code. When it arrives in your inbox, be sure that you save it in a notepad file.
  5. Step number 5 is this one: delete the INFO (bootloader) and all the blank spaces the code has; then save the file, copy the final version of the code and paste the data from the file .
  6. Step 6: you will see a page opening up; on it, select the option that reads “can my device be unlocked“. After you get the confirmation, press on Request Unlock Code.
  7. For the seventh step you must receive a new code, then, once it arrives, return to the command prompt and enter this line: “fastboot oem unlock UNQIUE_KEY“.
  8. The final step has to do with the unlocking of the bootloader. And that is all.