How to Root LG DoublePlay C729

The thing about rooting LG DoublePlay C729 is that your phone gains much from this procedure. If the device doesn’t have a powerful CPU or it needs new stuff, the guide below is for you!

If you want the best results, you have to use a dedicated tool. The rooting instrument we came upon was SRSRoot. Containing various types of advantages, the app is very handy if you want more from your phone. This special application is powered by an SRS Server, can unroot the device and it’s available as a free tool.

The benefits of this procedure

What makes the app even more attractive: it has customization options. They come along with these: new features and battery tweaks. There’s a batch of root-only apps, custom ROMs and admin / superuser permission as well. Do you need your phone’s 1 GHz Scorpion CPU to work faster? The SRSRoot provides that. This is an app that can’t do its job without a Build ID. That is why you need to select one. The freeware doesn’t ask for one in particular; it accepts many of them. What we opted for was GRJ22.LG-DoublePlay-C729

Your smartphone is also known as LG Flip II. It’s almost three years old and there’s Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on it. The fact that you’ll be using the SRSRoot means you get to keep this OS variant. More than that, the app’s comfortable with many gadgets. If you use it on your LG DoublePlay C729, the device remains safe from the usual security problems. Bloatware won’t touch it, either.

Whenever root access is made available on a device, the latter sees the following sacrificed: the warranty. The secret to having this important element back is to follow a guide with the LG DoublePlay C729 in the name.

What else can happen with your smartphone? If, for example, you schedule an upgrade for it, the handset loses some of its essential stuff. Which are these: the root access and its system partition. The device keeps the following intact: important data and its internal / external SD cards.


As far as a rooting’s concerned, the procedure cannot begin till the following are performed:

  • find USB drivers available for the phone over here;
  • download and then install them on the laptop;
  • enable, on the phone, USB Debugging;
  • in order to still have important data on the handset after the rooting, it’s important to create backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup is very much needed, too;
  • the laptop should sport Windows;
  • the security programs on the LG DoublePlay C729 have to be fully deactivated;
  • the laptop’s own security programs have to go through a deactivation phase, too;
  • the phone should be running with a fully charged battery.

Step by step instructions

Both of your laptop and phone are now ready to undergo our guide. Make sure our steps are followed accordingly next!

  1. The SRSRoot must be downloaded on the laptop from this website. When you open the latter, a download button will reveal itself. Then you will have to click on it so as to start the app’s download.
  2. This has to be followed by the installation of the previously downloaded file. Also, be sure to launch it on the same device as where the download took place.
  3. Menu and after that Settings must both be enabled. You will notice, under the latter, an option whose name is this: Unknown Sources. Its presence should tell you that you must tap it, too.
  4. Only after you’re done with that comes the next step. Here’s what it tells you to do: enable USB Debugging. Move on to this step if you didn’t manage to tap this option when we advised you to.
  5. The phone’s USB cord will help establish a connection between the phone and laptop. If the connection has already been initiated, you’d better do this: tap, on the handset, Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Don’t move on to the next step if the procedure hasn’t ended. To be over, 10-15 minutes must pass. In case you notice problems with the procedure, you should change the situation by redoing our steps.
  7. If trouble doesn’t come up, you’ll be able to make your LG DoublePlay reboot. The thing that must be done in this case is to enable Reboot System Now. What you just did will bring you closer to the great stuff that comes with a rooting.

See if they are worth your time. Should they not be, how about using the SRSRoot app to revoke the root access?

If you don’t have an idea on how to solve the rooting problems that may appear, use our comment section.