Google Glasses Available From 2014

Google Glasses will not become available this year. The statement comes from Eric Schmidt, chairman at Google. According to him, the first generation glass headsets will ship to developers this week. The chairman will then wait to see how the devices perform in tests. If feedback is negative, modifications will be performed, which is why the release date will happen later than expected, probably in 2014.

According to the interview Schmidt gave to BBC recently, the Explorer Edition of the Google Glass will have to undergo changes first and foremost, so that quality is ensured.

Even if Google will release the new gadgets later than expected, the company’s chairman didn’t offer a price tag for the device’s consumer edition. Rumor had it that one would have to pay $600 for it. The Explorer Edition is much more expensive. google-glass

Eric Schmidt went on to say that the Google Glasses will sport body wearable materials. This means, according to him, that something will have to change about how they are used.

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The same can be said about smartphones; for example: you cannot use a handset to record something where recording cannot be performed correctly.

The Explorer Edition of the Google Glass was put together in California at a Foxconn factory there. The device comes with these specifications: 16 GB of internal storage (with 12 GB to use per se; this amount can synch with Google’s cloud storage) and a camera featuring 5MP. The camera can record videos in 720p. Other than these specs, the Google Glass is going to offer compatibility with smartphones sporting Bluetooth; if, however, you wish to make use of text messaging and GPS, then you should need to download a companion app called MyGlass. The Explorer Edition could be tested out by 8,000 winners of a competition organized in the U.S.

In conclusion: prepare your wallets for a 2014 release of the Google Glasses.