Flash Jelly Bean 4.2.2 XWUBMG5 Official Firmware on Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

In order to update your Galaxy S4 I9500 with Android 4.2.2 XWUBMG5 Jelly Bean official firmware, you can consider our tutorial. It comes with both pre-requisites and how to land the update on the smartphone.


The most important thing to take care of next: pre-requisites. Which is why we put together this list:

  • download the (file name: I9500XWUBMG5_I9500ODDBMG5_INU.zip) on the laptop;
  • download, in the same place, Odin tool v3.07;
  • use the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500;
  • use the model that isn’t locked to a carrier;
  • use the phone that is already factory unlocked;
  • download and flash USB Drivers for the handset on your notebook (you should use this link);
  • create backups via this tutorial;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • charge the battery of your smartphone.samsung-galaxy-s4-GT-I9500


  1. After all of the requirements we posted above have been fulfilled, you should unzip the two packages that are saved on your PC. After the extraction is done, you will notice many different files; look for these two in particular: .tar.md5 and Odin3 v3.07.exe.
  2. Then switch the Galaxy S4 I9500 off. You should do as follows once the device is powered off:
    – simultaneously press + hold Volume Down, Home and Power;
    – the logo of the OS will appear as a result;
    – a “!” in a triangle will also pop on the screen;
    – stop pressing that combo of buttons;
    – press Volume Up;
    – have patience till the phone is in Download Mode.
  3. Once the above have been successfully performed, you can return to Odin and run it on your notebook as Admin and after that do as follows: plug the smartphone to your laptop with the former’s USB cord and have patience till the two devices are connected.
  4. To know whether or not the process was successful, you will be shown either “Added!!” or a yellow (or blue) ID:COM box; when you observe neither of those, it’s time to flash the USB drivers again or use a different USB port this time around.
  5. Opt for PDA next, then for a file with .md5 or .tar in it.
  6. Continue with the following instructions:
    – tap Phone;
    – select a file which has MODEM as part of its name;
    – tap CSC;
    – opt for a CSC-named file;
    – click on PIT;
    – look for a .pit file and opt for it.
  7. Should none of the files from the above-mentioned prompts not appear on the display, never mind. Do this: wait for some boxes to appear and then check only F. Reset Time, Re-partition and Auto Reboot. When you activate the Re-partition box, do that only if you opted for the file with .pit in it.
  8. Then tap START; the update firmware will soon start its flashing operation on your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500.
  9. The latter is going to restart after the flashing; a message that says “PASS” will be displayed and it will have a green background around it. When you see it: disconnect the smartphone from your laptop, because the update process has now reached its end.

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The Android 4.2.2 XWUBMG5 JB official firmware is ready to be explored by you. Find it in your handset’s “About phone”. If you decide to root it, you should use this tutorial for this purpose.

NOTE: A boot animation loop may happen to your phone. If that’s the case, there is a solution which has proved successful:

  • go to the recovery mode;
  • opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
  • choose Wipe Cache Partition.

After you are done with those guidelines, you can finally choose the phone’s restarting option. The Galaxy S4 I9500 will then get unstuck from that loop and you will get to experience the update on your own in peace.