Facebook Home receives negative reviews on Google Store

Facebook Home has just been launched and it’s already become the talk of the town. But not in a positive way.

2539 is the number of reviews in Google Store that this tool has received from the moment it was launched until yesterday. Currently, Facebook Home has 2 stars and a half in terms of quality. 1.115 of the people who installed it awarded it with only 1 star. One of the said reviewer says that they uninstalled the app launcher after spending a couple of minutes with it because of its poorly designed interface and the fact that it affected how their smartphone worked.

The reason for the bad reviews may be the fact that the creators of this app launcher did not properly explain what it is all about, what it can do and that it isn’t an app at all. The staff over at Facebook need to change this and let people know that the Home Facebook can actually be helpful. We tested it and give below our opinion on it.Facebook-Home-app

The Facebook Home allows the user of a handset to gain access to it like this: go find Apps and then opt for “Phone”.

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When you use your finger to do a dragging up gesture, you will see that you can access apps easily. If you tap on various parts of the touchscreen, you will be able to see your own profile photo. Should you decide to drag right you will be directed to the app that you just used; after dragging left you will be able to access your Facebook Messenger. Lastly: keep in mind that the state bar will show only after swiping from top to the bottom; but there is a way around this minor issue: simply choose the menu button on your smartphone, opt for Home Settings and check a box that’s near an option called Show Status Bar.

Facebook Home works just fine. But, unless Mark Zuckerberg and his team tell more about just what the Facebook Home really is, people will continue to say negative things about this new app launcher. You can get this app , for free.