How to add a new theme on an Android phone

If you have an Android smartphone, you may have felt, at many points in your life with it, that you want a shiny new theme as part of its assets. In this post we will tell you how to install what you want.

  1. First step is to look up a variety of themes on the Internet and then be sure to stick with the one you find the most appealing. Then give it a new name: This is done by selecting the theme file and using the right click method; then you have to use the same method in order to give it the name we just mentioned earlier.
  2. Step number two is going to have you do as follows: move the copied theme file into the root directory or into the internal memory card. Next up you should perform full backup of the device you use.
  3. Then, for the third step, restore the previously backup file just after you are sure that the new theme was installed on the phone’s core without issues.
  4. Step number four should go something like this: by using several steps, make sure you restart the phone then enter it in the Recovery Mode. The steps to do so include these actions: select at the same time the buttons Red Key, Power and End Call. After that remember to wait till the device shuts
  5. Then, for step number five, select at the same time the keys for Power and Home. You must keep the keys pressed until you will see the Android logo. Then let them go and move on.
  6. The sixth step asks the user to look for the Recovery message that is going to appear on the phone’s display in a couple of seconds.
  7. Step number seven will need you to do the following: select the Android vX.X, meaning the Android OS version the device sports, then wait till the device’s display shows that the Backup was performed with complete success.
  8. After you see that, step number eight instructs us to how to install the new theme on the phone. You must use the file selection, then scroll to the phone’s root located on the phone’s internal memory card.
  9. Then, for step number nine, you need to use the ALT+A combination then opt for archive. Now you can select the Home key for the next task. This is a confirmation of the fact that the selection of the new theme was successfully made.
  10. In step number ten, the touchscreen will show the following message: Install from SD card finished. Which means that you can restart the entire system at once.

Go and enjoy your new theme on your Android smartphone!