EKEN Leopard Android Tablet launched in India for Rs. 6,900

Indian tablet consumers can now order the Eken Leopard Android Tablet for Rs. 6,900.

Eken is not a big name in India. At least not as popular as manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and so on. This company, based in Hong Kong, recently unveiled a tablet that sports an Android operating system among other specs. The company has always made cheap gadgets. Not a single one of them went over the value of Rs. 11,999.

This manufacturer chose India for their device because the country is not rich enough to afford other brands and has a lot of potential, according to Edison Chang, Eken Electronics CEO. Asa consequence, many other companies have recently decided to offer their new products on the Indian market. And rival Eken, of course. But the manufacturer, through the voice of its AGTE CEO, thinks that their latest tablet has every chance of being sold in 10,000 units every month till the end of this year.

The sizes that this gadget can be ordered in is as follows: 17.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 24.6 cm. The weight this tablet has is 230 g. Which is light, considering how many weighty devices are out there. People who managed to hold the Eken Leopard Android Tablet told us that it was very light and easy to carry around. Besides being appealing from a design standpoint.EKEN-Android-Tablet

The list of the specifications that the Eken Leopard tablet sports looks like this: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system, 8GB of data storage, up to 32GB of internal memory that can be increased (via a card slot, as usual) and a cam with 1.3MP on its front.

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And, since there is an Android OS available, the user can play around with the Google Play store. The number of applications that the latter comes with is 5. Each of the models that the tablet offers is complete with 1080p Full HD video standard.

Eken’s newest device comes with connectivity options, too. The 3G and wireless kind of options. The former option, for instance, uses a 3G dongle to acquire data for your Internet needs.

The fact that Eken is joining other companies that choose to launch their gadgets in India is a good thing for competition in the country. Especially since the price of this manufacturer’s new tablet is cheap. Speaking of which: the gadget can be found in electronic stores, e-retail Internet pages and distributors from India.