EchoStar HDX-410 packs Android 4.0 ICS

EchoStar announced recently that they launched a new product that would feature Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

EchoStar may not evoke the same familiarity as other manufacturers. But this company is quite renowned for supplying all sorts of services. They are famous, if you are interested in something like this, for their Sling Media (Slingbox) products among other services. Which include free-to-air options in various countries across the globe.

Their newest offering is a device running on an Android OS version this time. No one knows yet when this product will land in chain stores, but everyone hopes it will be sooner than later.

The name of this product is HDX-410. runs native People who were fortunate enough to grab a hold on it posted clips on the Internet. Thanks to them, we the unlucky ones and our readers can see what it is all about. And it is worthy of a purchase. From what can be seen in one of the clips, the EchoStar HDX-410 actually looks good and its pecs and features are promising.EchoStar-HDX-410

This device comes not only in one, but two Ice Cream Sandwich OS models. That’s because each of them comes with different things. One allows for terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting programming. That means the user can comfortably watch live TV and stuff from a local server on the Internet; or stuff that comes from a microSD card. Which should be total fun. The other version of this product offers support only for local storage and IP content.

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The EchoStar HDX-410 has a QWERTY keyboard remote. You can perform pinch/zoom gestures on it. Connectivity includes the following: a digital audio out, several USB ports, one standard-definition connection, HDMI out, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. So more than enough for daily activities, we think.

The operating system will be Android 4.0 ICS and should mean plenty of fun. There is a hybrid application and its role is important. This addition mainly takes stuff you’ve liked and puts it in groups. That way the user is able to navigate via the button for standard channel up/down button. And, according to the company that made the HDX-410, all of this navigation is done without a glitch.

From what we have heard so far, the interface on this OS moved at a fast pace. And it didn’t show signs of lagging.

Not a word on an official release of the EchoStar HDX-410 in the near future, though. We will have to be patient and see.