Amazon Kindle Fire 2 HD running Android 4.0 ICS

This month is a busy one. And it will be so from now on till the end of the year. Because there are many manufacturers who decided to present their new products either at the same time or a week before/after. Amazon recently took to the stage with their Kindle Fire 2 HD tabket. Which is not stuck on older Android versions, thank something.

Samsung has always been Apple’s greatest rival. In the case of Amazon, both the two manufacturers have always been a rather unbeatable competitor. Although Amazon did have many a times where their products were just better and sold in more copies. Now the time has come to see if the market is ready for another of their gadgets, the Kindle Fire 2 HD.
But the constant problem with Amazon is that they don’t like to tell too much about a new release. Which is also the case with this tablet. What is known for sure about it is that it features the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And that it has a UI that supposedly looks and feels superior to the old one. People who managed to catch a glimpse of it, though, and use it say that it is indeed an interface with better overall performance. But we will wait to test it for ourselves to be sure. Another spec that was confirmed was the touchscreen: it comes in two versions. One is 8.9″ and the other is 7″. That is going to mean that we, as users, will be able to watch all sorts of content (whether online or not) in a more enjoyable experience. Because when a display is large, everything looks better.

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The problem is: since there is no Android 4.1 Jelly Bean among them, people will most likely be disappointing. The Ice Cream Sandwich is great and all, but consumers always want the latest in technology. And, if Amazon is like many of its competitors, this OS is not going to land on the tablet that quickly. Hopefully we will, though. It would certainly be a very nice addition.

So from now on, we will be left wondering what the other specs on this Amazon Kindle Fire 2 HD powered by Android 4.0 ICS will look like. But knowing the company behind it, we can only expect the best.

For next year, Amazon has other tricks in its bag. A smartphone is one of them, according to speculations online. About which the rumor goes that it will boast the latest Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.