The Best and the Fastest Web Browsers for Android in 2013

An Android web browser will help lots in your moment of need. Each smartphone or tablet out there has one incorporated in it. Today we will tell you the best 2013 alternatives to your device’s built-in browser. Find out all about them below.

Opera Mobile

Our first pick for this article is called Opera Mobile It’s not as new of a creation as other names on our list. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Quite the contrary. The Opera Mobile has already been downloaded in a large number thanks to its many great features. One of them: integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing option.

The interface it offers is great and there’s a bookmark synchronization technology to play with. Also, you won’t grow old waiting for pages to load; this web browser is very fast for 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi alike.

You can Download Opera Mobile browser .

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another excellent browser for your Android gadget. Its user interface is very easy to use, which will make people who prefer simplicity fall in love with it at once.

A feature called Sync is one of this browser’s biggest pros; the reason: the user is able to to take the saved passwords from the default version of Chrome (for desktop devices) to the mobile One. This is also possible for bookmarks.

You can get Google Chrome .firefox-for-android
The very useful and appreciated “Go Incognito” option is also present, among many other great features like blocking pop-ups, unlimited number of tabs, text scaling and so on. Not to mention really fast speed!


We left Dolphin for our third pick as best Android browser for 2013. What many Android users love about it is this: gesture based surfing. Another excellent bonus about it is the fact that you can speak commands via your own voice, which is very comfortable and useful.

We should also add here a feature called Webzine; this one makes pages load very quickly and you won’t see ads in the meantime. PDF Viewer, YouTube Search and so on are other notable offerings the Dolphin web browser delivers. Like in the case of the two previous tools, this one also comes with a thoroughly enjoyable UI.

You can download Dolphin .


Maxthon Android Web Browser may not ring many bells. But this instrument is the one to pick should your number of gadgets surpasses more than just one.

Maxthon offers features such as private browsing, download manager, Cloud-based tabs, customization and many more to choose from. This is yet another tool whose user interface won’t pose problems.

You can download Maxthon from .


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And finally, we have Firefox for Android. As was the case with the previous four picks, this browser is completely free of charge. And, like them, this browser was the fastest in the tests performed for this article. Moreover, its privacy as well as security features are all up to date.

The bookmarks and passwords synchronization from the user’s desktop computer to his phone or tablet is also possible, just like it was possible with the Google Chrome browser. Its Smart Searching feature, browsing privacy technology and add-ons are only some of the great offerings of the Firefox for Android.

Firefox is available for download .

We hope you’ll find your favorite tool to use from now on among these five fastest Android browsers for 2013!

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