Asus ME302C tablet Revealed in Benchmarks

A recent set of benchmarks offered by Android Chaotic has revealed that Asus is working on a new tablet. Its name: ME302C.
This is one great piece of news for all Asus fans who couldn’t get enough of the manufacturer’s Nexus 7 and FonePad. This gadget made many waves when it was first launched in 2012 thanks to its really generous 7-inch touchscreen. The device features a chip made by Intel themselves; more precisely: Atom Z2420. The processor is 1.2 GHz. All of these specs, plus many more, added to this tablet’s appeal with the consumers.

And, since the FonePad proved to be so successful, Asus wanted to take things even further. There is something else to add here: some time ago, Intel and Asus were rumored to be bringing a phone that would belong to the high-end category. Which is the reason why the tablet shown in benchmarks may very well land in shops soon after Asus officially announces it.Asus-ME302C

Which is where their next tablet comes into discussion. The benchmarks revealing it show that the model is dubbed, as mentioned, ME302C.

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This model seems to sport the following: a 10-inch touchscreen, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560, 1,920 x 1,200 pixels of resolution, PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU and that’s about all. Oh, and the series that this device belongs to seems to be Asus’ Eee Tab.

The fact that the ME302C is an Eee Tab goes to show that the gadget could very well come with a keyboard dock, meaning that it will most likely be a Transformer device. This detail is going to make the device receive an additional battery. Also, it could make it very easy to use as a laptop if the user so pleases.

Benchmarks also speak of a June release for the ME302C. This and the leaked specs from above will keep us going until we find out more.