Android $200 notebooks available soon

Android-based notebooks will soon hit the market and they will only cost $200 each. An Intel executive announced that the CPU which will be used for these gadgets will be mobile and their name will be Intel Atom. The display will be of the touch variety. The operating system is yet to be unveiled. Now it remains to be seen if the notebooks integrated with Windows will also come at a similar price. Microsoft will have to come out themselves and say that.

The design of the new Android devices is also a thing of mystery. People in the business think that they could be in the convertible (or detachable as it’s also known) vein. That is because such kind of a product models itself on the user’s preference and what he wishes to use it as during a

The Intel exec went on to say that the price of the notebooks to feature the company’s Core line will have a price between $399-$499.

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As of now, the manufacturer has a single-mode LTE module on sale for hotspots. Something needs to be done about that, because Qualcomm, Intel’s main competitor, offers much more and is more popular thanks to its multimode LTE modules. The latter adorn Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.

Intel’s plans for next year include a mobile chip which will integrate LTE in a new way (using the silicone) that is the same as the application CPU. This one is expected to make Intel more sought after in 2o14.

The fact that the market of notebooks doesn’t look too bright for Intel (and many other companies) anymore should make them realize the need to try out the market of tablets and phones from now on. This year will see the worst period in sales decline when it comes to PCs and notebooks.