Android 4.1 Jelly Bean moved to Intel Atom processors

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system recently saw itself moved to Intel Atom processors. More specifically to a low-power Atom chip whose code-name is Medfield.

Vice-president and general manager of Intel, Mike Bell, was the one to announce the news. And all of this happened because employees have been using Medfield phones which run on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

This is the first time that Intel dabbles in the world of smartphones. The market of such devices is nowadays busy with smartphones that feature a single-core Atom CPU and older version of the Android operating system. Even if the 4.1 Jelly Bean has already been launched.

Bell also talked about the fact that consumers these days are eagerly anticipating an Intel smartphone. Which is something that has never happened to the company before. Because people were not sure if Intel could make such a device.

And that was why the chip manufacturer preferred to lay low until something concrete began to take shape. They did not even announce anything at the annual IDF. Once there, they only discussed other types of gadgets.

These days, Intel is concentrating instead on things like getting the Windows 8 on tablets; and the Android OS on smartphones. And in the meantime, the manufacturer is also looking at other things, such as the Linux-based Tizen OS for multiple segments. These refer to in-car entertainment and mobile devices,

This manufacturer of chips wants to launch an integrated CPU made by employing 22-nm process meant for smartphones of the low-end category. There is a single-core Atom Z2000 processor already, so the new one will come as an extension.

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The old one runs at 1GHz. However, no phone features it. But this is not the only novelty the company has in store for consumers. They also plan on releasing, till the end of 2012, a dual-core Medfield chip on phones featuring the Jelly Bean OS. This chip is going to be featured on next year’s phones.

According to Intel’s vice president, Tizen seems to be tickle the curiosity of several manufacturers of smartphone.

Intel is aware of the fact that the smartphones using its processors eat more power than those made by rival ARM. This is why the company started thinking of ideas to help eliminate that behavior in the future. By introducing an Atom chip that will consume a lot less power. This chip is called Merrifield. It will be featured on smartphones belonging to the high-end category. Its 22-nm process will mean a faster speed.